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Apr 25, 2009 12:27 PM

Best canned garbanzos

I'm working up a recipe for red pepper hummus for a friend. Anyone have an opinion on what's the best brand of canned garbanzos? My friend will not make hummus from dried, but he'll buy whatever can I suggest.


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  1. I haven't noticed much difference in the few brands that I have used. I usually get mine at Trade Joes (regular, not their organic), but I don't have any complaints about the small house-brand cans that I get from Top grocery (for single meal use while camping). I usually rinse mine, especially for salad use, though I may use the can juices in a stew.

    1. I like S&W and Bush. They are not canny tasting or overly soft. I am a garbanzophile.

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      1. re: Sal Vanilla

        Bush or Goya, usually bush, just rinse before making the dip. They are just fine for me.

      2. La Valle, Bush, Goya, and Strianese are all very good brands of canned chick peas, but, Strianese is my favorite for its taste and texture. Dried Goya garbanzos are pretty awesome too. You'll definitely think twice about ever buying canned again once you've tried the dried ones. Their taste is more pronounced, and *you* control their doneness.

        1. Generally I prefer Westbrae and Eden organic canned beans. The cans are lined so you don't get the metal taste.
          They cost a bit more than non-organic, but we're still talking bean-cheap!
          Pastene is also a good choice for chick peas (garbanzos), IMHO.

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            Lined with enamel containing BPA? I can't get them to tell me

          2. S&W is my standard garbanzo source for hummus purposes. They are better-looking and there are more beans per can than you get in house brands. I include some of the water from the can in my hummus.

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              Today I purchased some S&W garbanzo beans with 50% less salt. I rinsed them and still they were very tasty. Also, they have a nice crunch.