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Apr 25, 2009 12:22 PM

The Lodge Beer & Grill (Boca)

Anyone been to "The Lodge Beer and Grill in Boca Raton?

It looks to be a mecca for Craft beers with over 100.

The menu appears to be mostly burgers and sandwiches, but the burgers are 8 oz angus beef, fwiw.

One note I saw online said it's decorated like a Montana hunting lodge or something to that effect.

I may check it out this evening.

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  1. I have actually been here with my husband two times. We live in the area and have been waiting for this place to open. Really good bar food and really great beer according to my husband. I drink wine. And yes, it is like some type of ski or hunting lodge. Pretty funny seeing that in Boca. I enjoyed it.

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    1. re: woolco

      OK thanks woolco.

      The unusal interior idea sounds interesting... like when I go to the Blue Anchor in Delray, certainly doesn't seem like your in FL at all.

      Now I def have to check it out.

      1. re: CFByrne

        Yes we love this place, the food is so good and ton of craft brews, they have Dogfish Head on draft which I love. The chipotle chicken nacho dish is insanely good as well. Took my mother and her bf there and 1st time I've ever seen her eat a whole burger and all fries before lol

    2. I haven't been there yet, but it looks like they have beer tastings with cheese every monday night now.

      1. I detest that place. The owner/manager Vadeem (sp?) was wasted when I went there. To the point where he was slurring and it took over an hour to get our food because he was also the "chef." I mentioned it to a few of my beer friends and they said they had similar experiences with him. The beer selection was decent but the decor remind me of someone's unfinished basement. I can name three waaaaaaaay better places to get great beer and food in the area. Brother Tuckers in Pompano. Really cool place with amazing food and belgian beer selection. Funky Buddha in Boca. Super laid back lounge with a ton of beers and probably the best tap selection I have ever seen. Plus they have entertainment some nights. Finally, Coffee District. A coffee shop in Delray Beach that has at least 80 craft beers. The owner Chung is a great guy and very knowledgeable. Go to any of those places and you won't be disappointed. Go to The Lodge if you want to hang out with underage fau kids being served and terrible customer service.

        Brother Tuckers
        3332 E Atlantic Blvd, Pompano Beach, FL 33062

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          I had the same experience at the Lodge. Service was terrible and the owner was incoherent. I went back 2 other times and each time was even worse than the time before. The bartenders were all under 21 and had zero knowledge of any of the beers...they couldnt even pour a beer.

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            I will gladly second the recommendation for The Coffee District. Despite the name, it's perhaps the best craft beer place in southern Palm Beach County.

            Chung and his partner Anna are fantastic hosts, and almost everyone is comfortable here whether you want great coffee shop treats, fabulous beer selection, even wine and small plates of apps and desserts.

            There's a tv where sports junkies can sneak a peak at the big game, as well as live entertainment and/or open mics many evenings. On NE 2nd Ave in Delray (AKA Pineapple Grove to the south, AKA Seacrest Blvd to the north) just below Lake Ida Rd.

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              Brother Tuckers is definitely worth checking out:

              Brother Tuckers
              3332 E Atlantic Blvd, Pompano Beach, FL 33062

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                Brother Tuckers is nice, The funky buddah is wayyyyyyy overpriced and very smokey (not to mention that they only have 8 beers on draft), and coffee district is a joke (nice bottle selection). If your into bottle selections there is a great place called Total Wine or BX Depo, both will be happy to serve you bottles.

                The Lodge is the best all around Beer Bar in the area.......

                WHAT?!?!? Thats right i said it...the Lodge is the best beer bar in south florida, for a few reasons.

                1. Friendly and Educated Staff; never had any of the situations stated above and ii go here often (sometimes you do have to wait a bit longer but thats because they usually have 1 or 2 girls working at a time......)

                2. Fresh food, most food on the menu has never touched a freezer. they have hand cut fries and juicy burgers. Their nachos are the jam!

                3. Location; well maybe more of the atmosphere. It feels like a coozy cabin in Colorado.....very comfortable!

                4. Finally BEER; 24 of the finest on tap and even more on bottle. The Lodge tops out around 100 different beer selections that range from all over the world. Prices are fair, esp for some of the bottles that are truely unique.

                This is a must stop for any beer or wine fan. The Lodge is a great place for lunch or dinner or even for a little late night drink. Music is always different, and a great blend of rock, down tempo hip-hop, classics, and some country. Check it out!

                and if your looking for a GREAT Beer bar check out World of Beer in Tampa.....thats a real beer bar (No food though)

                1. re: Nunzio42

                  I think Brother Tucker's is far and away better than The Lodge. Less beer on tap, but the selection is well thought out. The Lodge's menu is pedestrian, IMO.

                  1. re: Nunzio42

                    Well, I can confirm that the owner was bombed last night, and was the only person working, except probably for someone in the kitchen. Our food was fine, but I kept waiting for a shoe to drop. I love the beer selection, esp. for S. Fla, and want the place to survive, but it doesn't seem like a good sign when the owner is hammered at 7pm...I think I'll sit at the bar and enjoy the beers on future visits.