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Apr 25, 2009 12:05 PM

MSP - Dim Sum at Pagoda

Heads' up for all the dim sum lovers -- Pagoda in Dinkytown started it today. According to their info, they offer 90 items and it's the cart service kind. We were in for dinner last night and they were "perfecting" some of the items -- we had a couple samples that were very good. If the dim sum is anything like the rest of their food, it should be outstanding.

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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  1. This is great news. I've always wanted to try Jun Bo and Mandarine Kitchen (if those are their names) but are too far out of our area. We already like Pagoda so this is sweet. Thanks MSPD!

    1. A friend and I ate there yesterday. I'm a UofM student and we were just planning on ordering off the menu but they more or less convinced us to try the DimSum. We showed up sort of late, around 1:30-1:45. There were only about 3 tables not ordering off the menu. They price things into 3 or 4 categories, starting at about 3 and going up to about 7 per plate. Ended up spending quite a bit more than we anticipated and certainly more than we would have spent otherwise.

      Maybe it was because we came late, but I wasn't really impressed. They had 3 or 4 carts going around, and a lot of food on each cart, so much of what we got seemed not fresh. There was a lot of seafood options that were reasonable though.We also had no idea what were going to be charged until the check came, no prices on any of the table settings.

      I'm a huge fan of Pagoda's food, and I probably will not go with the Dim Sum again, unless I am in a large group that really wants to try it out. For a few people, it would be ok, since most of the portions were appropriate for 3 people.

      1. We went in late Saturday and were set on ordering off the menu. But we did check out the offerings. Everything looked really good. We did try two kinds of dumplings and I LOVED them. We already plan to go back for the Dim Sum.

        1. We went there this morning after deciding that Dim Sum was a good idea and seeing this post. Glad we did. First time at Pagoda and really liked the look and service was very friendly. We tried the shrimp, pork and the shark fin dumplings, all tasty and fresh. Tried the short ribs (tasty, but mostly bone), chicken and sticky rice (meh, ok), beef stomach (tasty and spicy) and had the bbq pork bun. It was pretty much all good. Will check it out again for sure. Nice to have a dim sum option close to home.

          1. went on saturday 25th around 11 am. the place was packed for dim sum. i thought it was excellent, considering it was their first day. much better than mandarin kitchen. tea was good and $1/person. our table sampled:

            chicken feet (steamed)
            chicken feet (fried)
            chive, pork, and shrimp dumplings (steamed)
            pork dumplings
            tofu skins (fried, stuffed with cabbage, pork and greens)
            some small bivalves (cockles? black bean sauce)
            watercress greens (plain, lightly steamed)
            pumpkin cakes (panfried)
            bbq duck (cold)
            i think i may be forgetting something
            desserts: gelled mango pudding, gelled coconut pudding

            my top faves were the tofu skins and the fried chicken feet. the cockles were also excellent & i liked the mango pudding dessert v much as well. was too full to sample the coconut pudding, however!

            the dim sum at pagoda is different in that there is an open kitchen area with a la carte ordering, as well as the carts (ny style).

            everything off of the carts was very fresh and good for us. the steamed dumplings were tasty and artistically put together.

            service was good, friendly, and swift. pricing seemed to run at around $3.50-$5 per item, several categories/price levels. staff was a little slow on the clearing end of things--we soon had quite the tower of steamer baskets teetering in the center of the table--but it was their first day of dim sum, they were busy, and this is small potatoes.

            at last, good dim sum without having to schlep out to the burbs. i'll be a repeat customer.