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Apr 25, 2009 11:57 AM

Group Dinner for Graduation

So I have about 11 people coming for my graduation at USC and need somewhere nice, but not too pricey (mains in the mid to low 20's) for the group. Can't be too ethnic either since my grandmother needs fish or pasta. Thankssss

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    1. re: westsidegal

      None really, greater LA area.
      Preferably Downtown, or anywhere semi-accessible to downtown (ie near the 10 or 110)

    2. in the venice/marina del rey area:

      c & o cucina (italien)
      26 beach restaurant

      i'd suggest, making your reservations as soon as possible.

      1. Not the easiest request -- the best places downtown for food are way out of your price range or are ethnic. El Cholo is an old reliable and one of the few in the USC vicinity, but it is Mexican (albeit Americanized) and probably already booked for graduation. Bottega Louie is new but just getting its legs, and Colori Kitchen might be small, I don't know if either meets your definition of "nice." Yxta Cantina is big enough, easy parking, and not far on the east side of downtown, but again pretty ethnic. Y'know, i'm going to suggest Taix, yes the old French place on Sunset -- its own big parking lot, lots of smaller dining rooms, they are very used to big groups, well within your price range. The food is far from cutting edge, but there'll be dishes for everyone and you'll have a nice celebration.

        1. I'd say Traxx at Union Station

          I haven't been in a while - but it used to have really good food. And the location is historical and beautiful.

          also - haven't been, but church & state is getting good reviews and would be fun:

          both places are a drive - but it would be worth it imo.

          1. is eastside too far?

            somewhere like Taix or Edendale Grill might be a good option.