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Apr 25, 2009 10:39 AM

Sebastopol: Smiling Sun Farms biodynamic CSA - I brake for organic eggs

... and really swell eggs.

I was driving on the way to Sebastopol and spotted a small sandwich board with 'organic eggs'. They are also chickens that run free on this farm that grows veggies using biodynamic practices.

I had two fried for breakfast and these were eggscelent. The yolk a deep yellow with good flavor and even the whites were tasty.

My dirty secret is that I usually use mustard as a condiment with eggs. These were just too good to coverup that way. With some Cafe Rouge bacon and a slice of Village Bakery's excellent tangy NY rye and a slice of crusty sourdough, the last of my Graffeo coffee from Easter ,... maybe one of the best breakfasts I've made myself in a long time.

They have 29 hens and the eggs are sold on Friday and Saturday ... or whenever you see the sign up. They also sell at the Cotati and Occidental Farmers Markets. I think you can also give them a call to pick up some eggs at the farm at other times.

The eggs are $5 a dozen for medium and $6 for large. They are brown eggs in various shades of that color.

This year they are starting a CSA in June. It $20 a week for a box of produce, recipes, tips "and more". For eggs and flowers add $5 each. Pick up at the farm will be on on Tuesday or Saturday. Call the farm or email them to sign up. That email is on the Place record linked below.

This is really in the middle of nowhere on this road. There's a farm with lots of cows across the street. Driving back to highway 101 the closest business I saw was 'My Market" which is a grocery store on a corner of the highway and I think Darby ... the Google map isn't really clear about it.

Smiling Sun Farms
4950 Gravestein Hwy, Sebastopol, CA

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  1. did they have a sit-down area where they served you fried eggs there? or did you fry up the eggs at home after buying them from the farm?

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      Fried them at home. They have a nice sign now that is a little easier to spot. About a 1/4 mile up the road it seems there's another egg place, but I haven't stopped yet.