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Apr 25, 2009 10:21 AM

Need restaurant rec for family event in overbrook near st. joe's

Hi folks,

We will be having a family celebration May 17th (sunday) in the overbrook area of philadelphia, right near st. joseph's university. I'm not all that familiar with philly- particularly this area- and would love to hear recommendations for a restaurant that might be able to accomodate a late brunch or lunch for a group of 10-12 folks. Nothing too crazy expensive, but somewhere nice enough I could take my grandmother:)

I have considered having us drive in to the city and try to go to audrey claire, which we have liked. But if there is something closer to where we will be gathering, so much the better. Any recomendations welcome!!


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  1. Jakes in Manayunk would be a nice place to go for brunch. This is very close to St. Joes and they have a prix fixe brunch for 18 dollars per person. Overbrook itself doesnt have much to offer along the lines that you are considering. You would need to make reservations, but I am sure they would be able to accomodate a party of your size. The food is reliably good, they have been around a long time, and I have never been disappointed there.

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      I agree with the suggestion of Manayunk. I have heard nice things about the brunch at the Manayunk Brewery.

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        That looks good. I have been to Manayunk Brewing Co for a party in their upstairs room and the buffet was very nice.