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Apr 25, 2009 10:11 AM

Has anyone tried Villa 08 in MV?

Have driven by a few times and noticed the old Chinese restaurant at Villa and Bryant streets in Mountain View is open now. Has anyone tried it?

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  1. Today took my car in for service and my buddy the owner of the shop took me for some lunch while my truck was being serviced.

    A upscale Asian buffet, a little better than most at 10.95 per person. Decent selection of three food stations with a long sushi bar not bad but ready made sushi lack something when you had made to order.

    Two standout things which makes this worth a second visit. They have a steamer dim sum push cart at the end of the middle station with streamer of dim sum decent selection which was being filled all the time. Also there was a good selection of fried dim sums.

    The most interesting station was a cook to order station with a cook at a wok station cooking meat, noodles and my favorite clams with black bean sauce.. I got about 40 or so Manila clams which the chef cooked up fresh for me. Petty good.

    Sorry the plate of clam and some hot items with two streamer of dim sum was all I could handle. Not really good dim sum but passable.

    Did have a small bowl of almond jello.

    If in the area it worth a try but not something I would not go out of my way for.

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