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Apr 25, 2009 09:52 AM

Corn tortillas in Winnipeg?

Does anybody know where one can buy corn tortillas in Winnipeg. Just returned from a couple of weeks in Yucatan Mexico (Merida area) and fresh corn tortillas are a daily staple (as elsewhere). I See wheat tortillas readily available in most stores but haven't run across ones made from corn. Preferably made fresh but if frozen are available would also be interested.


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  1. Try El Izalco market on Sargent - close to Morden's Chocolates. It's a Salvadorean shop run by an extremely friendly lady. They have a couple of different brands of frozen corn tortillas which I've bought a few times - I try to stay away from the the ones made in Winkler since they kind of taste like cardboard. Maybe if you'd get them fresh from Winkler they'd taste better?

    I bought a few packages there until I figured I'd try making my own so I bought a tortilla press and a big bag of masa and now I have fresh tortillas whenever I want. They're pretty easy and quick to make. El Izalco has Masa mix in bulk - you can also try Dino's market on Notre Dame to find presses and masa mix.

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      Thanks for the quick reply, the Sergeant and ellice strips continue to come up with more and more surprises.
      Will certainly check out El Izalco. (Was spoiled by the almost daily visits to the markets in el centro Merida and buying everything fresh).

      ive never seen the ones from Winkler

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        There's a big Mexican Mennonite community in Winkler. I think they have 'Sunny' in the title or something like that. They weren't my favourite, but they're probably your best bet for fresh.
        El Izalco is also the only place I've seen in Winnipeg where you can get a wide variety of bulk dried peppers like anchos, chipotles, guajillo.. and cocoa beans and hominy corn and pepitas in bulk.
        Just make sure to check the best before date on the canned and refrigerated stuff.

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            I buy products almost daily from Sunny Day. The tortillas they make have no preservatives or anything nasty in them, so they are the absolute best fresh tortillas. There will be some loss of flavor if they're frozen because they aren't pumped up with junk. I'll be going through a lot of those this summer with my new disco I'm having made. Just need a solid recipe base....

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        great tip, bought some imported corn tortillas that are actually very good, Don pancho brand i think. The lady is very friendly and I returned there later that day and pickled up a press and maseca. will be trying to make some of my own soon

        thanks again

        1. re: Laslo

          El Izalco would be my answer as well. She also makes great Papusa's with homemade salsa and coleslaw. We love them.

      3. They're not amazing, but 100% local — La Cochina (like the chips). I've only ever seen them at Humboldt's Legacy/Caulfield's on Westminster (in the "Wolseley mall" as I call it) but I'm sure you can get them elsewhere. They're a couple of bucks, and come pre-frozen so I often have 'em around but they're only maybe 6.5 to 7/10.

        1. Have you tried the CT Foods corn tortillas that you can buy at Marvins Store?