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Apr 25, 2009 09:32 AM

San Diego near Doubletree Downtown

I will be in San Diego for a week at the Doubletree downtown. I've collected past posts but I don't know the city's geography well and have a few particular questions.

- Where to grab a quick lunch near the hotel? There will be a bag lunch option at my conference but I would prefer to get out and about for better chow, time permitting.

- where to grab a late dinner nearby when I arrive tonight? Bar? Sushi? Small plates?

For other meals, geography/time is more flexible and I'll cull some of the great suggestions here in other posts.


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  1. Sorry I didn't see this sooner, and that your post get any other replies! Weekends tend to be bad for the internet when the weather is good in San Diego.

    I believe the Doubletree you're staying at is on Front Street, and, if so, you'll be in walking distance to Little Italy. Mimmo's Italian Village is great for sandwiches, as is Pete's Meats for sausage sandwiches. Mona Lisa is decent for lunch, Princess Pub has decent fish & chips, Buon Appetito has good food all around, and treat yourself to a gelato at Papplecco. Enjoy your stay!

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    1. walk about 6 blocks toward the bay to Fish Market Downtown on Harbor drive..they have an excellent sushi bar and love the oyster bar too..
      Dobson's on Broadway and 4th has some of the best mussel bisque en croute and their burger kicks ass!
      Agree with phee but not Fakey!