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Apr 25, 2009 09:18 AM

Fashion Island Newport Beach

What's good in the immediate area?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Muldoon's across the street by the Edwards Cinema is a good place. Cool Irish pub with good food.

      Flemings for steak.

      What type of food are you looking for?

      There are a lot of chain restaurants in there. CPK, PF Changs, El Torito, Cheesecake Factory....

      1. R&D Cafe (across from Neiman Marcus) is pretty good, although I am not a fan of their burger.


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          As promised, I came back for the beer. Unfortunately, I found out that I'm not a fan of their burger either. Not enough meat on an oversized dry bun. I'm still crazy about their beer and how fresh and cold it's served. I had Chimay, Pilsner Urkel & Sierra Nevada this time around. It's not great and certainly overpriced but, I'll be back for the beer.

        2. We ended up outside of the immediate area and went to Cucina Alessa and we were not disappointed with the food although there were a couple of service mis ques. We'll probably end up back in Newport tomorrow for another film.

            1. re: bllrdfam

              Second this idea. The hubby and I enjoyed a great dinner there. We had their seasonal pre-fixe dinner. We had kobe for the first time...and it was FAB! They cooked my scallops to perfection and the hubby thoroughly enjoyed his braised short tender! Dessert was a treat...I had their molten lava chocolate souffle I usually don't like chocolate, but I loved the dessert...not overtly sweet or chocolatey...a nice balance of all flavors. The hubby had a great creme brulee with roasted bananas.