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Apr 25, 2009 07:36 AM

Mother's Day Brunch - Livonia Area

I will staying at the Marriott in Livonia over Mother's day and need to identify options for Mother's Day breakfast or brunch. We need some place that is conveniently located in either Livonia, Novi, Northville, or any other close surrounding area, and we also need to find something that is serving food on the early side of the day (we'd like to eat around 10). I know that the hotel is having a brunch, but it doesn't start until 11 and it's $32.95 a person which seems a bit steep.

Any thoughts would be appreciative. We would also be fine considering regular breakfast places that have solid food and can accomodate a party of 8.


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  1. Given it's a "special" day, I think you're gonna be paying higher prices
    pretty much anywhere. Sweet Lorraine's at the Marriot is a pretty good

    My other choice in this area is: Moe's on 10 Mile. $16.99/adult, $9.99/child (10 & under).
    9AM - 3PM, resv *highly* recommended.

    1. I haven't done brunch here but dinner was fine and the setting is nice (golf course)

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        I second Fox Hills. Also, Andiamo's had a great brunch at Easter. I am pretty sure they have one at Mother's Day. They're an Italian restaurant but they did have a few egg dishes, bacon, etc. They have a location in Novi, and one in Livonia.

      2. The original comment has been removed