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Apr 25, 2009 06:49 AM

Best Cape Cod Bagels

I found Bagels and Beyond's Express store on White's Path in S. Yarmouth and picked up a bagel for my kiddo. It was not bad actually. Where do you get good hard crust chewy inside bagels on Cape Cod?

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  1. At risk of feeling like I have sinned, I've found the plane bagel at BJ's very good, but not so much the five or so other varieties. A problem could be the BJ policy of buy nine! Not sure if Shaws still carries FinagleBagel (?) but Shaws bagel is ok. I think what you have in mind may not exist on the Cape.

    1. Cape Cod Bagel in Falmouth is very good. The only other decent place I've found is in Orleans--I think it's called Sunshine Cafe, or something like that, with sells H&H Bagels, imported half-baked from NYC and finished on site. They're pricey, but really good.

      1. I didn't know that Bagel and Beyond had an express store on White's Path, that's really good to know. We've been buying bagels at Bagel and Beyond in West Yarmouth, 311 Main St., Rt 28 for years and find them to be the best that we can find on the Cape. They invite you to call your order in and pick it up at your convenience; we do that during the winter months when we're off Cape and coming down for a visit and to check out the cottage, etc..

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          Wine, do you mean Jomamma's in Orleans?

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            Yes, that's the place, thanks! It's right on 6A.

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              I'll second Jomammas. it really is like a NY bagel--as their sign says.