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Apr 25, 2009 06:06 AM

New Deal Fish Mkt. Ankimo

Picked up some ankimo (monk fish liver) yesterday. The owner said it should be marinated in sake, but he did not mention another step in the preparation. Googled recipes all state it should be soaked in water for about three hours, with water changes every 30 minutes and should also be deveined and de-skinned.

Did he omit to mention that step because his liver has already gone through that process or simply because he forgot it? I should note that he did not seem as confident about ankimo preparation as he did about the other items for sale. So I suspect he was not aware of exactly what to do.

Has anyone out there bought ankimo at New Deal? How did they prepare it?

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    I've used this method.. I've never deskinned it.


    1. I definitely remove the membrane, and soak in sake with some salt, but not that long (probably only about a half hour). I have not bought it at New Deal, but have bought it at Kotobukiya, where it still has the membrane on. (They haven't had it lately though, and I guess they will soon be gone or inaccessible to me anyway)

      I also mention guiltily that monkfish is in the seafood watch list "avoid" category because of by-catch issues. Since ankimo is one of our very favorite treats, we do indulge once in a while (figuring that they are mainly being caught for the flesh and the livers are otherwise going to waste) but as far as I know, theey can only be caught by trawling or by gillnets...