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Apr 25, 2009 05:25 AM

Dumplings in Bangkok

I've been living in Bangkok (just north of Lumphini Park on Soi Langsuan) now for about a month and I've been craving dumplings. So far I have only found a small place called Gyo-Sa on Soi Ngam Duplee. This place had pretty great steamed and fried pork dumplings and I highly recommend it. But I am looking to try to eat in as many different places as possible and to try as many different styles and types of dumplings as possible. I'd especially like to find a good "soup" dumpling place. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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  1. since those type of dumplings aren't indigenous to bkk, there aren't many places you can find them. i hate to say it, but the best place for soup dumplings is at crystal jade in the basement of the erawan mall (note, they do not have them at the paragon mall location).

    another good place for chinese dumplings (tho they don't have soup dumplings), is top menu on lang suan, right on your street! look for the red lanters in front of the otherwise unremarkable restaurant...

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      I'd second Crystal Jade at Erawan (next to Grand Hyatt). Best xiao long bao in BKK.

      Crystal Jade @ Erawan
      494 Ratchadamri Road, Bangkok, Bangkok , TH

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        Another great place for good steamed dumplings (and to-die for Peking duck0 is China House at the Oriental Bangkok.

        China House
        Khlong Ton Sai, Bangkok

    2. Thanks all, I will be sure to check out crystal jade and the place on my street. And I will be sure to be on the lookout for more dumpling spots and post again if I find any.

      1. oops forgot to say china house too! I love me some dumplings

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          Try a restaurant called Xian at Thonglo (opposite side of the street from the 'hip and happening strip', tucked on small lane behind Sukhumvit). Northern Chinese food so no soup dumplings - but good steamed and pan-fried jiaozi.
          Caveat - haven't been in 2 yrs so can't guarantee it's still in business but it's been around a while and attracts Chinse expats so I'm pretty sure it will be.