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Apr 25, 2009 05:02 AM

Trader Joe's Coming to West Windsor, NJ

Saw this annoucement this morning. No decision yet as to whether the new store will have a liquor license.

For the geographically challenged, West Windsor is very close to Princeton.

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  1. This is great news. I usually stock up at the store down in Columbia, MD, where I spend alot of time, or trek up to Westfield. This is a great location for them - they will be very successful.

    1. Never been impressed with their vegetables but maybe that is just the Westfield NJ store.

      Interesting article

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      1. re: shabbystorm

        Hey, shabbystorm, I don't know anyone who goes to TJ's for veggies. I certainly don't. People flock there, however, for numerous other items. See the following for a few of them:

        The NY Times blog is interesting but, strictly speaking, the ownership that is described is not quite correct. It doesn't really matter though. TJ's may have been started by an American but it has been in German hands for thirty years.

        BTW, people should not confuse Aldi stores with TJ stores.

        1. re: ambrose

          Usually buying stuff to make a salad on my way home, so if I stop at Trader Joe's would have to make another stop...

          Do like their Sesame Honey Cashews and inexpensive lavender sachets.
          I do not eat frozen food...

          The article was just something I didn't know, like learning.
          They are providing jobs in New Jersey and that is good.

      2. This is arguably the best news my wife and I have heard since moving from California six months ago. It might be enough to redeem the general lack of good food in Central Jersey...

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        1. re: glutton

          Funny thing - I worked in Southern Ca for 12 years and have the opposite view . California vittles were drab and uninspired compared to NJ !
          And produce - those beautiful looking tasteless Ca strawberries !
          And the sweet corn - what we here would call horse corn !
          Only really consistently good food in LaLa land were the cheap Mexican places !

          1. re: arpad

            In total agreement, arpad!
            For those in the know, this state and the Central NJ region, is crammed with excellent food!
            Glutton, you might check out this thread for a few eye and mind-opening experiences:


            1. re: choco_lab38

              I've been working off that list and there are some tasty things on there. The sushi has generally been less-than-inspiring, but some of the guilty junk foods have been good. I've been a fan of some of the more traditional european ethnic foods, which weren't as common in California.

              The commentary about fresh fruits and vegetables in California vs. Central Jersey just doesn't hold water, in my opinion. With a 12-month growing season, a commitment to farmers markets that is unmatched in the country, and a regional cuisine based on freshness, California's fruit and vegetables are the best in the country. Sure, that cannot be said for every last fruit and vegetable they grow in California and there are many industrial farms in California turning out lousy produce to be shipped around the world, but a walk through a farmers market in California would surely be more appetizing than what I generally see in NJ. I don't think I'm alone in making that statement.

              1. re: glutton

                California produce is appearance over quality .
                I'll take a gnarly NJ strawberry any day over the beautiful plastic Ca stuff .
                Twelve years living there was more than enough .
                And yes I tried ' Farmer's Markets ' out there - mediocre at best .
                Fruits ? Try Washington and Oregon for good stuff .

        2. *happy dance*
          they have great snax and such
          it's not one stop shopping, but a great once a month fill up for me

          1. Some of my favorite TJ's things:
            - Grade B Maple Syrup (Much better than Grade A, trust me)
            - Truffle Brownie Mix
            - Chocolate and Sea Salt covered Almonds
            - Those tiny crispy chocolate chip cookies that come in a tub
            - Freeze-dried Mangosteens

            I could go on and on...

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            1. re: cranrob

              dark chocolate-chipotle hazelnuts..
              oil-packed sundried tomatoes
              brown rice pasta
              all the nut butters

              1. re: aklein

                The nuts and dried fruits are the best deal going, especially their marcona almonds.

                Their dairy products are well-priced. Their chicken tends to be very good (for grocery store chicken, that is).

                The veggies in the stores out East have not been all that great -- much better in other parts of the country.

                Their lavash is pretty good, which is nice because it's been hard to find decent lavash in this area.

                Their almond and cashew butters are outstanding and all-natural.

                (I don't think they're just selling frozen, sugar-loaded, processed, junk food, as some people below are suggesting.)