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Local source for raw / unfiltered honey

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Can anyone suggest a source for local DC/MD/VA produced raw or unfiltered honey? I've been using the raw honey from Trader Joe for the past year and noticed this year my hay fever symptoms have decreased significantly, though my eyes still get red from the pollen. I would like to know where I can get locally produced raw honey to see if they give a better result. Thanks.

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  1. try Yes! Organaic Market. i have visited their dc location, 658 Pennsylvania Ave SE, and found tupelo honey very reasonably priced. everything there is organic and they might have what your looking for. posted link below is page to send them queries.

    i had the same experience as you. started eating (in tea actually) trader joes mesquite honey and noticed improvement in my nasal allergies. then went onto raw, wildflower honey and noticed even better improvement. bees making honey out of pollen... sorta like making snake anti-venom out of venom. ahhh,,.. ingenious!


    1. Local Farmers Markets usually have at least one vendor that sells local honey. I have purchased (or seen) local honey at the Del Ray, Old Town Alexandria and Dupont Circle Markets. You would have to ask them about the raw/unfiltered part but the honey is definitely there.

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        I've found one at the Reston FM. Not sure the name until they open and we go again. Will try to remember.

      2. Bee George [Takoma Park] has his honey for sale on the shelves of the Takoma Park Silver Spring Coop.
        I've also seen Naked Bee at the Olney Farmers Market - you can probably contact them about other retail outlets for their honey.
        Article on Bee George: http://www.takoma.com/archives/copy/2...
        TPSS Coop: http://tpss.coop/TPSS.html
        Naked Bee: http://www.nakedbee.com/store/WsAbout...

        1. I get my local honey at the Clarendon Farmer market. Saturdays from 7 to noon. Works very well, and is so much tastier than mass-market honey.

          1. Breathe books http://breathebooks.com/ in Hampden and the Mt Washington branch of Whole Foods sell jars of "Really Raw Honey". http://reallyrawhoney.com/

            edit: per their website, they are a Baltimore based company, but I don't know if their honey is locally produced

            1. Toigo Orchard, which is at many farmers markets including Dupont, sells their raw apple and peach blossom honey for $6 for a mason jar full. They are in Shippensburg, Pa. so I don't know if that's close enough, but it's damn good.

              1. You can buy honey from Lord Byron's Honey at MOM's Organic Market (they have locations all around the metro area). Lord Byron's is one of the only honey producers in Maryland who actually keeps his own bees.
                Here's a link to Lord Byron's Website
                and MOM's locations:
                It's really good honey. I love it.

                1. and I found if you let raw honey sit for a few months it loses the fresh-mown-lawn flavor.

                  I like it but wasn't what I expected the first time. I think Trader Joe's usu. has it too.

                  1. We have our own apiary here in Georgetown and sell our raw honey in #2 jars every Wed at the Rose Park Market. Our hives are organic and if you live in the District the pollen couldn't get any more local. Thanks, GeorgetownHoney.

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                      Do you ship your honey? Son is relocating to your area and he'd like to start using local honey as soon as possible.

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                        I found out that Frying Pan Park in Herndon, VA has some they make and sell there. Good place - a working farm in the middle of the burbs. They also have a farmer's market.


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                          I am wanting to have some honey local to WashDC shipped to me in the Dallas area

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                            I'm sure Frying Pan would ship, as most of the others. South Mountain definitely would:

                    2. Farmers markets in the area carry local raw honey. I can recommend Massanutten Mountain Apiaries.