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Apr 24, 2009 10:43 PM

5 Best Stops on the Mississippi River?

My girlfriend and I are currently on a cross-country road trip. We've already traveled through the Southwest states and Texas, and thanks to some friendly hounds on this board we've had some incredible food experiences. We're looking for a few more on the second leg of our trip.

We'll be travelling from New Orleans to Natchez, MS (going through Baton Rouge on the way), and from there up the Mississippi through Vicksburg, Clarksdale, Greenville, and Memphis. What are the absolutely unmissable hound stops we should make along the way? We're already stopping at Willie May's Scotch House in New Orleans -- what else would we be kicking ourselves to miss?

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  1. There are too many places in New Orleans to name. You can't go wrong if you choose wisely. Eat BBQ in Memphis somewhere other than the Rendezvous or Corky's. Eat tamales somewhere in the Mississippi Delta. Possibly try the fried chicken at Gus's in Memphis and see how it compares to Willie Mae's.

    Personally, I love standing at oyster bars in New Orleans. Felix's and Pascal's Manale are my two favorite oyster bars. Get a po boy somewhere.