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Apr 24, 2009 10:23 PM

Church and State wine list

How is it? How are the prices -- average and most moderate.
Do they waive corkage on one bottle if you buy one bottle?

What to order? There seems to be some disagreement in the posts.

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  1. If what to order refers to the food, everything we had was awesome, but espeically the duck confit and the eggplant tartine was great too

    1. The wine list was quite reasonable, my husband & I thought, when we dined there last weekend. We had a delicious red blend, French, of course, and it went perfectly with all of the rich dishes we ordered, for under $40! Ask for Adam the sommelier, a very young but extremely bright guy. He had great recs on the beer as well, of which my husband is also a connossieur.

      We ordered the marrow bones, the rillettes and the pied de cochon, (pigs feet on a lentil salad with lardons, frisee & a poached egg). All of it was luscious.

      I order the duck confit - it was absolutely cooked perfectly, nice & crispy & salty. The accompanying red cabbage and potatoes sardonnaise(?) were excellent counterpoints to the rich duck. My husband ordered the beef short ribs and they were also expertly executed, although I chided him that my recipe was better!

      The chef, Walter Manske(?) is a pro, and the entire meal was first rate, at a decent cost. Definitely going back asap. Have fun!