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Apr 24, 2009 09:34 PM

Adding chocolate to ice cream

Does anyone have any tips to share on adding chocolate to ice cream. I tried making mint chip ice cream and the chocolate was waxy when it was cold. I was using high quality chocolate as well.

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  1. You have to melt the chocolate first. Let it cool and then break it up into chip size. This changes the crystal structure and makes better texture when frozen.

    1. i find it helps to melt the chocolate with a bit of vegetable oil and then it freezes not quite so hard in the ice cream and it's better like that. then i make a thin thin sheet of it so that the chips are not too enormous as well.

      1. The local ice cream company (Graeter's) pours chocolate in while it's still viscous and it hardens when it hits the cold cream. They do all of this by hand in large pots, so I'm not sure it would work in a home application, but the final product makes for irregular and soft chocolate chips. I have yet to try it for myself.

        P.S. If you need some mint for your ice cream, bring your machete to my back yard. I've got plenty.

        1. I've made mint chocolate chip/sliver ice cream, and it turned out great.
          I didn't have a problem with the chocolate doing what you said, being waxy. I used Scharffen Berger dark chocolate and grated it in with a grater and potato peeler.Maybe because I didn't have large enough pieces, that's why I didn't taste what you're referring to. And I did make it mint green too..
          But, it sure was goooood...

          1. Are you using a custard base? If so, are you adding or mixing your chocolate into the custard base?

            If you are, then there should be no problems with adding chocolate when making ice cream.