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Apr 24, 2009 08:54 PM

What to do with creme fraiche besides garnish (I have a gallon)

Um, yeah, I think the title says it all. I would love ideas for things to do with creme fraiche. If they're soup-related, extra bonus points accrue.

Thanks all!

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  1. I've had it mixed into a cold cucumber soup. I'm not normally a fan of cold soup, but it was AMAZING. I don't have a recipe because it was at a restaurant, but it was totally smooth and was garnished with the creme fraiche and chives.

    Of course, if you're someplace where it's still cold and wintry this might not be at all tempting.

    If you're someplace cooler, or you prefer warm soups, I would try some on a squash soup or perhaps a roasted red pepper/tomato soup.

    1. If you want it in soup, just add it! Use creme fraiche in place of cream in any soup. It will give it a nice tang. If you like the tang, you can use it in place of sour cream, cream.. etc... One of my favorite uses is to make a variety of tarts on puff pastry. The idea comes from Suzanne Goin's cookbook from Lucques. Below is a link to one recipe... but you can put anything on top. I often make a large batch of the creme fraice/ricotta mixture that you spread on the puff pastry, put it in the fridge, and for a week you can make tarts any night you like. They are wonderful, I do them with all kinds of toppings.

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        The Silver Palate tarragon chicken salad recipe is a nice way to use some.

      2. Try adding some to scrambled eggs instead of water or milk. Very tasty.

        1. did you make your own? I need to do this, and would love a tried and true recipe.
          tired of spending $$ for this little luxury..

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            I did make my own and it is EASY. 1 c heavy cream + 2 T buttermillk + covered in a warm place (I put mine in the oven after turning on, then off--like yogurt) + time = creme fraiche.

            My recipe didn't even call for heating the cream.

            I stirred it together in the afternoon, then left it overnight; kind of weird, gloppy consistency in the morning, but after refrigeration it mounds on a spoon. (I'm in CO and it hasn't been particularly warm here, but the recipe said 6-18 hours depending on warmth.)

            Enjoy! With a little planning ahead, I see no reason to purchase creme fraiche.

            1. re: miss louella

              that's it? I see no reason why i shouldn't try making this myself. I do love it, and on and with so many things, I need to do it myself. Thanks I appreciate the tips and instructions, I'll give you a report. Bet its way better than store purchsaed too. thanks!

          2. yum!
            roasted beet salad, a spoonful into butternut squash soup,
            and since you've got such an embarassment of riches, how about
            a big batch of rajas con crema?
            Mexican crema is pretty similar to creme fraiche. Char poblano peppers over gas flame, steam in a paper bag, core and seed and cut into strips. Slice onions, cook em with a minimum of oil, throw in the strips of poblano (aka rajas), creme fraiche, salt and pepper, and stew them a little in your frying pan. Eat with tortillas, or make some kind of casserole/hot dish....