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22nd birthday - Need a FUN, LIVELY, place for dinner!

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I am trying to find a place to celebrate a 22nd birthday. I was looking to go to Johnny Utah's because it looked fun, but I have read some pretty bad reviews about the food. I would like a place that has a great vibe and atmosphere. I have had dinners at Tao and Japonais in the past but am trying to venture out of the Asian themed dinner. I was thinking Stanton Social but I am not sure if I want that scene. Any suggestions??

Please let me know. Thanks so much.

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  1. How much are you willing to spend per person? Also if you a do a search for birthday I'm sure you'll find a ton of posts.

    1. How about Hill Country? Tasty Texas-style bbq. Boisterious vibe, including live music.


      1. i would check out xunta. i hear they have flamenco dancers.

        1. my picks.....all are very different from one another, but cool and fun

          Stanton Social
          Negril Village

          1. Mason Dixon in the LES. Two words... mechanical bull. Pretty good fish tacos and other southern style snacks.


            1. HI Leeanne, here's some of my picks (check them out via menupages.com):

              Tortilla Flats
              Stanton Social
              Aspen Social Club (heard good things, though haven't been)
              La Palapa (on St. Mark's)
              Barrio Chino
              Bar Pitti/Da Silvano/Scuderia


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                I would skip Tortilla Flats (did my bday there this past year and the food was not good). Aspen is a really pretty restaurant, but AWFUL food. Maybe save that for a time you just want to have drinks?