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Apr 24, 2009 06:12 PM

In search of the best Barbeque/Rib Sauce.

Any Hounds out there able to offer up their choice for the best barbeque/rib sauce available in T.O. I was looking to get my hands on Arthur Bryant's (of Kansas City fame), Substitutes accepted and where it can be had would be appreciated. I live in mid-town Toronto , so no trips to Brampton (unless it was for Bryan's). Thanks folks !

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    1. Look around, there are some fantastic Canadian Made BBQ sauces (a lot from Ontario) out there. Give them a try.

      1. re: BusterRhino

        I'd agree with BusterRhino, look for local products before shelling out big bucks for imported sauces. Most imports have a comparable product available up here if you look for and taste test what's available locally.

        A while back I traveled to the states on a weekly basis and tried many of the bigger names that aren't available up here (Sweet Baby Rays, KC Masterpiece, Stubbs, Dinosaur BBQ etc.) All had their own merits (many contain liquid smoke which I shy away from) and most didn't grab me enough to shy away from anything available up here.

        Costco carries at least a couple of Canadian brands throughout the summer months, keep an eye open.

        1. re: Dr Butcher

          For BBQ sauce in a bottle KC Masterpiece wins hands down, although it need a bit of dilution to cut the sweetness. I've come back from trips to Arthur Bryant's, and places like that and their bottled stuff is not the same as the stuff they serve. So I don't miss it.

          Really, BBQ sauce is about the easiest thing in the world to make, so buying it is sort of silly. The only stuff that I buy these days is Grace's Jerk BBQ sauce. It's odd stuff - a regular tomato BBQ sauce with jerk flavor. Odd, but surprising good, if not conventional.

          1. re: evansl

            Funny you should mention the Grace's Jerk BBQ sauce. I bought a bottle last summer and straight out of the bottle thought it was horrid. So much so I didn't put it on any meat in fear that it would be ruined. This past winter I did up some chicken thighs in a crock pot and used the Jerk BBQ sauce as the liquid in the pot. I thought it turned out wonderfully, cooking the sauce totally changed the flavour. I'd pick it up again to try on grilled meats.

            1. re: Dr Butcher

              They have a good product line. One of the better commercial jerk sauces, as well.

              1. re: Dr Butcher

                Try Walkerswood or Wonderchuck.


            2. re: Dr Butcher

              You can't get goods BBQ sauce in a bottle, so the Canadian brands are just as tasteless as most of the US brands. You go to Arthur Bryant's or To Copper's and you get one thing. You buy their bottles to take home and it's entirely different. Like I said below, KC Masterpiece is about as good as you can get in a bottle, and even it needs some work.

              Anyway, BBQ is a bout cooking meat. The sauce is a relatively unimportant add on. Most people don't really seem to get this. Slathering buckets of sauce on your BBQ is like covering your steak with ketchup. Meat sauces mainly exist to cover up lousy meat. Just ask the French.

              1. re: evansl

                I totally agree with you evansl! The French know nothing about serving quality meats. Not like the Americans.

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          1. I have to admit that in lazy moments I've blended with some success. My street cred is going to drop significantly, but here it goes.

            Start with Kraft basic, add some Bufalo Chipotle, blend, then consider adding some fresh thyme to the final baste, maybe even some cumin.

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            1. re: Snarf

              I've often wondered if a small commercial operation might start with a few barrels of basic Kraft. Your additions are a great improvement, no doubt.
              I lost a good sauce recipe, Carolina style, that was finished by adding butter to the simmering pot. It was great for basting.

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              1. Phil's Real BBQ on College St., just west of Ossington does a Kansas style sauce, I believe they also sell it by the bottle. It is so worth the trip down there. I'm all about the brisket, while Hubby swears by the pulled pork. Serious, badass BBQ! This guy goes and competes in those crazy cook-offs in the south, so you know he means business!

                Check out :