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Apr 24, 2009 05:56 PM

Sampling at Queen's Quay LCBO

I decided to try some reposado tequila at the tasting counter of the Queen's Quay LCBO today, and for $1 I was given what had to be almost an ounce and a half of tequila. That's quite a bargain for something that you would probably pay at least $10 for at any restaurant. In fact, at those prices, it would be a great idea to return each day for a sample. In less than 26 days I would have consumed an entire bottle of tequila for only $26! Far less than the $70 they're charging for the bottle! Has anybody else noticed the liberal pours that they provide there? Has anybody here tried to take advantage of it...? ;)

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  1. I actually had a few samples; they didn't tell me that I was only allowed one.

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      Good to know... I only had the one sample, as it was more than enough for me! In fact, after the tequila I handed the car keys to my SO - I really felt I shouldn't be driving at that point!

    2. I think you're allowed to purchase 2 samples, obviously not of the same thing. Price is dependent on the cost of the item.

      The summerhill tasting booth generally has a good selection of expensive scotches to sample. Prices are around $3-$5 per dram, depending on cost of the bottle.

      1. Funny you should mention it. I was in there last week and wanted to try the Connemara 12. I was very surprised at the sample size - it gave me a nice buzz as I shopped for beer!
        And the Connemara is excellent.

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          Maybe an interesting development to loosen your inhibitions before buying!