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Late Night in Philadelphia

thalthewall Apr 24, 2009 05:40 PM

Any suggestions for an interesting late dinner (around 11 pm) in and around Center City Philadelphia. Willing to drive 10 minutes if we need to.


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  1. b
    barryg RE: thalthewall Apr 25, 2009 08:01 AM

    Lots of places in Chinatown are open late, but I don't know any specifics.

    Lots of good bar food abound. Standard Tap (2nd & Poplar) has great food and beer in a casual atmosphere. Interesting in that the menu is entirely on a terse chalkboard that obscures high level dishes. For example, "Duck Salad" is a salad with duck confit that is considered some of the best in the city. I got a "Mixed Grill" that turned out to be venison sausage, elk steak, and venison steak (and it was great). Also has a great burger and bar food. Only serves local beers on tap so if you're from out of the area, that's fun as well. About a 10 minute drive from CC. Their sister restaurant is Johnny Brenda's (a bit farther) and just as good.

    Many of the taquerias in South Philly are open til midnight or later and can be interesting in their authenticity but lack a lot atmosphere. Nearly all are BYO. Taqueria Veracruzana is great but I'm not sure how late they are open.

    You might consider Melrose Diner or Oregon Diner in South Philly. Neither have outstanding food, but are classic diners with atmosphere and service stuck in the 1950s.

    Other good late night kitchens: Pub & Kitchen, Silk City, North Third, Royal Tavern, Cantina Los Caballitos, Cantina Dos Segundo.

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      mazza3 RE: thalthewall Apr 27, 2009 10:43 AM

      i am all about the chinatown dinners after 11 pm. shiao lan kung used to be open super late all the time, but i am not sure what time they close now. they are definitely worth investigating. barryg's taqueria and gastropub suggestions are definitely good ones too. i would agree with any of his suggestions except for the two cantinas. the food there is very meh.

      1. hollyd RE: thalthewall Apr 27, 2009 11:46 AM

        I'd stick to the bars. A lot of bars in Philly serve good food, usually until midnight. I'd second Standard Tap, Pub & Kitchen, Silk City, Royal Tavern, and add: Good Dog, St. Stephen's Green, Monk's (if you can put up with the crowd), and Shouk.

        In terms of Chinatown, I can't see a thread like this and not recommend the fried pork dumplings at Davids. My mouth waters just thinking about them, and that delicious grated ginger dip. They also have great mei fun.
        David's also sells beer to go. So you can grab a 6 pack on your way back to your hotel/ house.

        1. thehungrything RE: thalthewall Apr 27, 2009 06:32 PM

          Tai Lake in Chinatown has awesome seafood and Cantonese style food. The are open until 3am every night but Sunday. I think they serve late night dim sum starting at 11pm.

          1. b
            Bigley9 RE: thalthewall Apr 28, 2009 01:18 PM

            We use to go to the New Wave on 3rd Street in Queen Village for late eats

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              hollyd RE: Bigley9 Apr 29, 2009 08:04 AM

              I always forget that place. The food is great!

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