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Apr 24, 2009 05:37 PM

Laloux without Chefs... and Chef musical chair

Patrice Demers & Marc-André Jetté are both leaving Laloux, and are moving to Newtown (which was bought by the owner of Decca77), starting on may 17.

Laloux is now chef-less.

Other Chef musical-chair :
Alexandre Gosselin, from Local to "Bar&Boeuf" (formely known as Wilson
)Éric Dupuis from Local to Lemeac
Charles-Antoine Pariseau from Lemeac to Local.


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  1. Wonder if consulting chef David Adjey is still involved with Wilson restaurant(now Bar & Boeuf)? If Patrice Demers's pastry assistant Michelle at Laloux restaurant, will move over to Newtown restaurant? Is Bar & Boeuf, now an off-shoot of Ducasse's restaurant in Monaco?

    1. Do menus drastically change with new chefs wanting to put their mark on things? I love Lemeac and hope he doesn't revamp the whole thing.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. new news from :

          Éric Gonzales (from Cube, XO, ...) goes to Laloux

          1. Going to Laloux tonight for Mother's Day & wondering if and how the upcoming staff changes will affect our meal...we wanted to get in one last meal at the Laloux we know & love, but will the kitchen be in transition mode already, or...? Any ideas?

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              They're suppose to move over to Newtown on May 16th I think.