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Apr 24, 2009 05:36 PM

What's the farthest from home you'll travel for groceries?

Just curious how others will weigh in on this question: How far from home will you travel, at a maximum, for groceries?

All I have in my neighborhood is a run-down Safeway and an Andronico's (a very overpriced "gourmet" market) so a 15-20 minute drive for better options is appealing to me once in awhile. My absolute favorite store is just over 20 minutes away, but I still go occasionally!

On a related note, how far do you think it's "safe" to travel for groceries, given the risks of keeping refrigerated and frozen food away from a fridge or freezer for too long?

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  1. I've driven 90 miles to get to the biggest, best Asian market in Phoenix, when I lived in Prescott, AZ. Of course we'd make a day of it and only go maybe every 6 weeks. But they had the things I needed/wanted at prices that made the trip worth every penny. Of course in that part of the country, towns are far apart and the counties are as big or bigger than many 'back east' states. People are accustomed to traveling a50 mile round trip for a great ice cream cone...

    1. I have driven about two hours to an Italian grocery, but that was once and I turned it into a weekend trip. For normal shopping, if it requires a car than most of the time it's too far. I walk/bike and shop on my way home a couple times a week.

      1. If you're worried about transporting frozen foods why don't you purchase a small cooler to keep in the trunk of your car? Problem solved.

        As far as groceries, I can get the usual stuff within an 8 minute drive from home at an updated and pretty good Giant. We drive 20 minutes to a Lauer's for salads (macaroni, cole slaw, potato) and 20 minutes to a different Giant that has a great seafood dept.

        When it comes to specialty items, Asian or Indian I've driven 45 minutes. But of course it's not something I have to do every week.

        1. When we lived in the far boonies in Tennessee, we'd go 45 minutes one way to get to a semi-decent Kroger once a week. And we did go with the ice chest in the trunk for meats and other delicates.

          1. Just today I drove to Atlanta from my town in Western North Carolina, about 120 miles, to hit several Asian markets, a really good Western-style market (DeKalb "Farmer's" Market), a great Chinese restaurant for lunch, and a stop at Restaurant Depot to lie enough to get my card fixed up so I could shop there too once again. But I only do that trip 2-3 times a year. Where I live we have a decent supermarket (a Bi Lo) that even has a few Asian things (panko, tofu, fresh ginger, and so on) but still leaves much to be desired.

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              my family has done a similar trip like that. we are about 4 hours from atlanta but charlotte isn't too bad and that is a little under 2 hours for the asian markets. and there is a restaurant supply store in charlotte that is very reasonable also.