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Dona Marta – Grand Opening Comida Yucateca in the Tenderloin

Melanie Wong Apr 24, 2009 05:00 PM

The Tenderloin welcomes a new Yucatec place. Opened two weeks ago and doesn’t have a name yet, but the owner’s considering Doña Marta to name it after his wife. Unfortunately, it’s on the grave of La Cabañita, which made fabulous DF-style chilaquiles and some yucatec dishes too.

Grand opening

The menu will rotate, and here’s what was offered yesterday. A few tables were occupied at noon hour, more than I’d ever seen at La Cabanita.

Day’s menu

I got a tamal colado to go, $3.50. When I pulled it out of the bag at home and saw the foil over the banana leaf wrapper, I thought it might be a tortiado. But no, this had the fine-grained, strained white masa base seasoned with ground pork. Rather bland and needed more salt. The accompaniments were a baggie of habanero salsa (and there are squeeze bottles of this on the counter in the restaurant) and a baggie of plain, diced fresh tomato. Neither of these were salted either. The habanero salsa is incendiary, a little goes a long way, and that tiny bit in the baggie will do me for a month, I’m sure.

Tamal colado para llevar

I can’t help but regret that I didn’t whip out a report on La Cabanita sooner to try to drum up some business. I will miss it.

Dona Marta
499 Ellis St, San Francisco, CA