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Apr 24, 2009 04:47 PM

Catering truck polish and egg on armenian bread ?

its been a long time but when i lived in L A . I used to get a polish and egg on armenian bread. Do they still have those out there? visiting soon

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  1. When I saw this title, I read it as "polish" not "Polish" and had to look. No help for you but it did make me smile :)

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    1. Wow, I've never heard of that! Although I live near glendale (huge armenian population) and they make an armenian breakfast pizza that has egg...

      I wonder if this is like new yorks egg-on-a-roll : )

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      1. re: happybaker

        all my life growing up in L A area every truck that came to job or warehouse had this, it was great . my wife says they had them everywhere also, Her and I never ate one together and we been ,arried 23 yrs

      2. I remember them, on peda bread, the thickness of foccacio, cut in a square, right. I always added cheese.

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        1. re: Burger Boy

          YES!!! But we said armenian bread and it was square thick good . AWE MAN SEE WHAT I STARTED. I called a catering truck company today, they will try to find out for me, I am only 80 miles from home but it is really FAR ,

          1. re: imhungry_gene

            Go to Jons Market and get a loaf of peda, some polish sausage some eggs & cheese. You can have it every day. Most big middle eastern markets should have peda.

            1. re: Burger Boy

              I live far away, no jons here I really just need the bread

        2. Now you've gone and resurrected my memory banks. All those years ago working in Aerospace for Hughes at their LAX "airport" site and I probably ate a polish sausage & egg at least once a week from the roach coach that turned up at our 111th Street Building location everyday.

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          1. re: Servorg

            Yes , they were everywhere, out where I live there are no rolling beautys out here, I NEED THE BREAD...

            1. re: imhungry_gene

              Here's a recipe:


              Or make a *road trip* and buy enough to freeze.

              1. re: c oliver

                The recipe says 1 yeast, is that 1 packet instant or active or is it a different yeast? It also says, * water, is that 1 cup or ??? I want to try to make it. Thanks

                1. re: Burger Boy

                  I just googlled and got that ;so I don't know. But perhaps more googling or a post here would get you the info.

                  I well remember moving from San Francisco to Southern Oregon in 1992 and being dim sum deprived. So I learned to make it myself. Even tried the dumpling part the firtst time but then compromise with wonton wrappers. Now we live at Lake Tahoe and have to drive to Reno for many food items. It's either do that or do without. Some things I do without and some I must have :)

              2. re: imhungry_gene

                Have you said "where you live" in this thread? That might prove helpful to posters in trying to come up with an option for you.

                1. re: Servorg

                  I live in Hemet Ca , we have a fresh n easy, vons, stater bros, henrys,

                  1. re: imhungry_gene

                    You must get some roach coaches out in Hemet. Have you checked any of them for P&E sandwiches? Construction sites are always likely candidates. How about at the Hemet Airport?

                    1. re: Servorg

                      no coaches only box's pre packaged food del taco pizza green burrito etc, np hot trucks in riverside county

                      1. re: imhungry_gene

                        I drive 50 miles one way for many food items and most non-food items. You may have to suck it up :)

            2. Lupita's has that Sandwich I get it ALL the time. She's parked in the LADWP Duco yard from 7-9 am 213-361-6691 you could call her and find where she's at

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              1. re: Skunk2Racer

                Hey scunk mucho love I will call and head out this friday, im off every fri I will drive 90 miles.....! Thank You Gene ....PS DUCO YARD ????

                1. re: imhungry_gene

                  Itt's a LADWP Water Yard. Located off Alameda-Duco street-Temple Street