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Apr 24, 2009 04:45 PM

Need good lunch place near Pike Market

We're coming into Seattle and will stop at Pike Market before heading over to my sister's for a long weekend. Looking for a good lunch place near the market(we'll probably park in the Lenore St garage). We have usually eaten at Matt's but I think we'd like to try something new.

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    1. re: pigeonmom

      Thank you for reminding me. We love Le Pichet!!

      1. re: roxie

        Steelhead Diner is another good choice. Choices for a wider range of palettes.

    2. I love Place Pigalle for lunch!

      1. except that it is a stall on the economy arcade (no tables/chairs) you could hardly do better than the I LOVE NEW YORK deli - best pastrami and pickles and whitefish salad west of brooklyn (where they buy most of their stuff) and the best assortment of rye breads in the city. that being said, do not neglect the sausages at uli's, cioppino at jack's or nearly everything at maximillien's - which include a view and chairs!

        1. If it's a warm day, try the Pink Door in Post Alley, and sit on the patio. The food is good and the view is out of this world.