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Apr 24, 2009 04:11 PM

Sushi Near Rahway?

Is there any place decent to go for sushi near Rahway? Suddenly have a craving, would like to have dinner out tonight. Would prefer not to drive too far out of my neighborhood and I'm well aware there isn't any here!


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  1. Too late for your April 24 dinner but in the future you might want to try U-Yee Sushi. It's probably 10 minutes from Rahway, right behind the Friday's on Gill Lane (Iselin or Woodbridge, not sure which). Take Route 1 South, turn right on Gill Lane and you're there.

    1. Bistro 1051 is located on Raritan Rd. in Clark. In the Clarkton Shopping Center in the back on the right. Less than 5 minutes from Rahway.

      1. Been a while since I posted this, totally forgot about it. Thanks for both of those suggestions. Each are close enough to make a point of trying out, particularly U-Yee since I feel like I live on Gill Lane, I'm there so much haha.

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          If you do go to U-Yee would you post a true no holds barred review of your experience? U Yee was my go to place for several years, got to know everyone very well and as the new sushi chefs raotated in and out the ones leaivng always made sure to "introduce" me to the ones coming in. It got to the point where they would surprise us with preparations and presentations that they were making up on the spot and it was always wonderful. The fish was ALWAYS fantasic and fresh. And then we went in one time and almost out of the blue no one except one waitress was familiar. Our sushi that night was so generic, and I'm talking about in comparison to ANY sushi place not just a place that treated us well, we never went back.

          I'd like to know if they ever got back on track.

        2. Hear good things about this small sushi only restaurant, have not tried it yet. No web site.
          Bing Sushi
          110 North Ave West
          Cranford, NJ 07016
          (908) 276-8876

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            Yoshi's - next to Woodbridge NJTransit station, on Pearl St. About 10 min from Rahway, Rahway Ave turns into Main Street (514 East). Decent sushi, small, byob.