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Apr 24, 2009 04:04 PM

Zenon Taverna, S'Agapo or Aegean Cove?

I'm trying to decide b/w these 3 restos in Astoria for tomorrow evening. I'm particularly craving meze and grilled octopus. Other factors would be nice ambiance and reasonable prices for the food and wine (we're trying to be more budget conscious eating out). Any suggestions among these 3? Thank you!

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  1. my ordering would be:
    1) s'agapo
    2) zenon
    3) cove

    s'agapo is still my favorite astoria greek...the dips are terrific as are the other apps. i've been happy with all the seafood preps and i've found it to have the prettiest atmosphere as well.

    zenon has some excellent dishes. they do a mezze sampler that's mighty impressive, esp if you have no restrictions (most of my friends are vegetarian so i don't have as much of a clue in terms of meaty options). not a bad vibe either.

    two visits to aegean cove left me cold. good surroundings. slapdash service and solid, not very interesting chow.

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      I love s'agapo. Best Grilled octopus...however many of their dishes weren't available and I only had found out after me and my guests had ordered. It's a great place and I will definitely be back!