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Apr 24, 2009 03:44 PM

Dinner suggestion dundas and chesnut?

We are going to stay at the Metropolitan Hotel and are looking for suggestions for dinner in that area..perhaps something more reasonable than Hemispheres or Lai wah heen in the hotel itself.. For example are there any suggestions within a 2 - 3 block radius of the hotel..smaller dining rooms with good food? Any chinese restaurant on Dundas that is really good?
Thanks for the help!

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  1. I have not been particularly impressed with the Chinese restaurants in that area. I would go Japanese at Japango.

    1. Seeing New Treasure has not been delivering lately, Japango-although I wasn't 100% satisfied with my visit, it is pretty decent.

      1. If you want economical Chinese food near Dundas and Chestnut, I'd suggest walking to Chinatown (a 12-15 minute walk) or Baldwin Street (7-10 minute walk), rather than try to find something in a 3 block radius to the hotel.

        New Sky, E Pan, Swatow and Rol San are economical Chinese restaurants that are often recommended on this board. E Pan has somewhat more stylish atmosphere than Swatow (very basic) or Rol San (fairly basic). I haven't been to New Sky. Xam Yu on Spadina is recommended for seafood, but I've never been.

        Wah Sing (Hua Sang) on Baldwin is also recommended fairly often, especially for their lobster specials.

        Asian Legend on Dundas serves Northern food. It gets a lot of pans on this board, but I like the soup dumplings, and the atmosphere is a little more modern and upscale than most restaurants in Chinatown.

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        I've always been happy with my meals at Japango. Frank at the AGO is another option, if you want contemporary/continental cuisine.