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Apr 24, 2009 03:28 PM

BYOW Laurier area

Hi all!

Any suggestions for a byow not too far from Laurier and St Urbain? Preferably walking distance, but a short cab (~$10) isn't out of the question.
I can think of 2 so far, Eduardo's and Coba, both on Laurier. Any other ideas?


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  1. Eduardo's is not on Laurier anymore I believe its on the corner of Duluth and ST Denis now.
    Steak Frites is BYOW and that is in the same location as where Eduardos was.
    If you like Sushi.. Yukai on Park just before Bernard is BYOW sushi and its pretty good.

    1. Steak Frites St-Paul (1014 Laurier West).

      Yuukai (5658 Parc) for better sushi than Côba's but less comfortable decor.

      À L'Os (5207 St Laurent).

      Terrasse Lafayette (250 Villeneuve West) used to be a decent Greek brochetterie with a pleasant terrace. It hasn't been getting a lot of love from the board lately (was fine when I last ate there a couple of years ago).

      There's also L'Atelier (5308 St-Laurent), though I hesitate to mention it. Haven't been since it went BYO but reports from three sets of friends who have are discouraging.

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        I haven't tried A L'Os yet is it good? French cuisine? I heard it is quite pricey.

        I really Like O'Thym for BYOW if you are willing to drive to Amherst and De maissoneuve.

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          I still like Terrasse Lafayette, an economical brochetterie byow. I think the quality of their calamari might be uneven.

        2. 10 minute walk from Laurier and St. Urbain:
          Bistro L’Entrepont
          4622 Hôtel de Ville

          1. Since you mention that a shot cab ride is ok, that opens up all the places on Duluth, like Khyber pass, La Coulombe. Also, Le P'tit Plateau on Marie- Anne and Drolet.

            1. Thanks for all of your suggestions!