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Apr 24, 2009 02:59 PM

2hopewell, Tango Glastonbury, CT

At the risk of being accused of "gossip and speculation" by the 'hound police, there are a couple of things I have heard that I wanted to let people know about. First, someone told me that 2hopewell was no longer open. I called them today and that is NOT true. Just wanted to put that out there in case others had heard that.

Second, I heard, on a more reliable basis (the person that told me had discussed it with the staff at the restaurant) that Tango is "under new management" . Tango staff, if you read Chowhound, or anyone else that may know the scoop, what happened? I am a big fan of this place and wonder what changes will occur.

Third, JayCT where have you been? You are too major of a resource to us to go silent!

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  1. I did not think I would be missed. I have been laying low since I reported a supposedly reliable rumor on another restaurant and was WRONG. Like many we are just not going out as often as we use to so there is not a lot to report. Plus my other sources don't appear to be going out much either.

    I am glad to hear about 2 Hopewell. I heard that rumor too but figured it was just that. I do know someone who went there from out of town recently and raved about it. They thought it was one of the best places they have been to in a long time. They are usually a West Hartford/Farmington Valley restaurant regular so I respect their opinion. I have been trying to get there but not enough time. Sorry to be so silent but don't have anything to report. JayCT

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      Hello, not to hijack your thread, but just wondering if you know what happened to Semolina which has now been replaed by "mustard seed" ( i think I remembered the name correctly...any idea what this place is. I never made it to semolina but from what I hear I didn't miss much...

      Also, looks like new deli coming to town soon as well, "green Bean..." which I think is also in W. Hartford? I hope this place lasts, really need a good deli around here..

      I also heard carvel is back but not sure where...

      1. re: geminigirl

        Well the location of the new mustard seed has not done to well. First it was semolina, then Pickles and now this. I hope it makes out.
        On a bright note, I am so excited for The Spicy Green Bean deli to be moving in down the street. This is the same as the one in old Wethersfield. The one in Wethersfield is tiny but puts out amazing lunches and is always quite busy. This is a most welcome addition to Glastonbury. The food always seems fresh and creative. For about $9 a sandwich some might consider that a little high but I think it is definately worth it.

        1. re: askeenan

          I like the Spicy Green Bean in Wethersfield, but don't ever remember paying $9 for a sandwich....And wouldn't now either. Where abouts in Glastonbury?

          1. re: BiscuitBoy

            in where Semolina and Pickles were - right next to Giovanni's and across the street from Luna...

        2. re: geminigirl

          Not sure what happened to the deli but I did see the Mustard Seed sign. Isn't Mustard Seed a chain? Carvel is going in next to Pier One, but it has not opened yet. Where is Green Bean going? Have not seen that one yet. Jay

          1. re: JayCT

            The Green Bean sign is on Hebron Ave, between Route 2 and Bagelz (right in between). Lord knows Glastonbury is sorely missing a great deli and a fantastic bakery. Let's hope something pans out!

        3. re: JayCT

          Glad you are back JayCT! I had a hunch it was that "rumor" thread that turned you off. I almost stopped posting myself. I thought it was heavy handed. Looking forward to your future posts. Maybe you are going out less, but I'm sure you will still have the scoop.

          1. re: jkuhlen

            I agree we need a good deli but for some reason none exist in this area (sorry but we do not think Rein's is that good). Hopefully these new ones will work out, but I am not holding out much hope. As for what happened, I really understood. I am sure the owners of that restaurant were not pleased with the rumors flying around town and to have them on the internet is even worse (remember the old saying "I read it on the internet, so it must be true"). I am glad to see the place is still there and going strong. Not sure how the food is since we have not been there in a lonfg time. Anyway thanks for the concern. Jay

        4. I was running some errends around town yesterday and noticed a few things. I saw that Cold Stone Creamery in Somerset Square has closed. We never really cared for the place because it was so expensive but I was sorry to see it closed.

          Also, I noticed that a new Carvel is opening up in the Griswold Mall (Pier One & Bertucci's). Looks like that should be open in a few weeks.

          I also noticed a sign next to Carvel for a kabob restaurant. The space is pretty small so it is probably just a take out place, but it still will be a good addition to the local food choices here. Jay