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Apr 24, 2009 02:49 PM

ISO inexpensive restaurant near Culver Plaza Theater

I'm going to a movie tonight at the Culver Plaza theater. The movie starts at 8p. Hoping to grab a quick bite beforehand. Nothing too expensive. Less than $50 for two people. A place that's within walking distance to the theater would be great. If it's possible to avoid making a reservation, that would be good too. Where can we eat, sit, have a drink, and be done in an hour?

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  1. You can stay under $50 at Akasha if you order right.
    Honey Kettle Chicken is about $10pp.
    Tender Greens also about $10-12pp.
    The last 2 are not full service.

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    1. re: soniabegonia

      imho, you will need to get more food after tender greens to stay full for the movie.
      maybe cookies? ice cream?

      i just don't find their entree salads to contain enough protein to fill me up.

      1. re: westsidegal

        I agree. I also need carbs which is why I rarely get a salad as a meal. Anyway, Tender Greens also has some hot items... but my pick would be Akasha.

    2. I recommend Novecento for Italian - great family owned neighborhood restaurant

      There's also UGO and Rush Street.