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Apr 24, 2009 01:18 PM

Manresa Cancellation Help!

I just received an email from Open Table saying my May 2 reservation at Manresa has been cancelled. I did not initiate the cancellation. I have left several messages at Manresa's only published number. This was for a special birthday and the hotel reservation is nonrefundable as well. If anybody knows a direct number or has suggestions on how to rectify this it is appreciated. Hoping it is just a mistake and probably panicking for no reason.

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  1. Try again a little later in the day or even the evening. They're open for dinner only and tend to come in later. I've made reservations at 8 p.m. before using the number on their website and it was fast and easy and they've been very pleasant each time.

    1. Try e-mailing them through the 'Contact Us' link on their website. I contacted them w/ them questions in the past and they (GM) got back to me fairly quickly

      1. Well? What was the outcome?

        1. Not sure why it happened but restaurant cancelled the res. on the opentable system. They called and put us back on the list. Now what to order?

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            If you have the stamina for the tasting menu, it's amazing, but I'm sticking to the four-course option in the future.


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              I myself will be there on May 1st - look forward to your opinions as compared to mine. :-)

            2. We will do the 4 course as neither I nor my wife enjoy the long tasting menu experience. Prefer 4 great dishes that I can actually remember as I'm not a note or photo taker. I would need all my lights, tripod, lenses and at least 1 food stylist to be happy with the photos. We will make sure to order different things to at least get more tastes. The "Into the Garden" sounds like a must, any others? He is known for the roast pig dishes as well, No? I will leave the detailed report to UHockey but will give my general impressions. I used his Vegas reports on my one and only trip to Vegas.

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