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Apr 24, 2009 01:13 PM

Prima Donna Cheese

Mrs jfood brought home some of this. A hard cheese with the basic characteristics of a gruyere.

Anyone try it yet and suggestions for uses?


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  1. Is the cheese hard as Parmigiano Reggiano? If so, grate it on top of pasta dishes or on top of omelets (or in the egg mixture for frittate (pl.) for the Italian omelet). It could also be used in a fondue pot.

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    1. re: ChiliDude

      Nope, not as hard as Reggiano. We get this frequently where we live (SF Bay Area) and we usually use it on a Cheese plate. It can also be used as a melting cheese as jfood says it is somewhat like a gruyere.

    2. It is an aged gouda. It has a nutty flavor with salty bits.

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      1. re: ladyjanekitty

        Like LJkitty said - it was an aged gouda-it does have a nutty flavor..but it's not as deep of a gouda as Beemster or Roomano (not Romano).

        Besides crackers, it would stand up with gruyere to make the sauce for un croque monsieurs. Grating it over a baked potato would also be good. An addition (with other cheeses) for home made mac 'n cheese. Would do well with ham.

        1. re: snoboardbabe77

          Jfood melted on a burger last night. Very mild background flavor to the burger. And the salt was a nice touch. He liked it.

      2. I've had it and enjoyed it. I recently had Ballerina, another aged gouda. Harder, more crumbly and a stronger flavor. Very nice!

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        1. re: scuzzo

          Scuzzo - Who makes Ballerina? I live in MN and am a huge fan of Goudas. I've had Beemster and Beemster Light; Roomano; Grand Parano, Vincent, Prima Donna, Rembrandt, and a number of others (any in the cheese section) but I have never heard of Ballerina-nor do I think I've seen it?

          1. re: snoboardbabe77

            It looks like it's from the Netherlands, and I misspelled it. It's Balarina. Here's a link, but not from the manufacturer...


            I live in souther CA now, but I'm originally a Minnesotan, Duluth, then MPLS.

            Trader Joe's does not have Balarina, but DO TRY their Old Amsterdam Gouda!!! I like it a lot!

            1. re: scuzzo

              Thanks Scuzzo! I'll keep my eye out for it! I HAVE had Old Amsterdam and I LOVE IT. My chowhubby and I could eat goudas and blues/gorgonzolas all the time!!! Cheese can be so much fun-and now I'm definitely on the hunt for this Balarina!

        2. It is really great just thinly sliced with some Carr's crackers. We like to use it with a red wine.