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Apr 24, 2009 12:57 PM

Beach Seafood?

Staying in Burlington, Ma in July. Looking for great seafood (especially fried clam strips and lobster) on or near beaches within a day's drive. In fact, stayed there 2 yrs ago and had a hard time finding a good beach (besides Plum Island) within a short drive. Any recommendations?

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  1. Don't do lobster in July. Best in coldest months much like oysters.

    1. If you drive Rte. 1A going north you can take a ride up the coast through Salisbury, Seabrook, Hampton, and Rye. Plenty of places to stop and hit the beach. At the Salisbury/Seabrook line on Rte. 286 is Brown's Lobster (serves fried lobster) and across the street is Markey's Lobster and plenty of other places to look seek out.
      No worries...the lobster is fine in July, especially when your close to the ocean. If anything, I'd pass on the strips and get your fried clams with bellies.

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        Tried bellies---hate them. Please no lectures from bellie lovers.

        1. re: SASSYMI2

          Seriously, what is it with people on here and the bellies vs. strips? I don't understand why belly lovers are so adamant (vehement, really) in their hatred for the strip. I've seen a number of threads where someone asks about strips or mentions strips and they get an onslaught of people preaching about the hell that is a clam strip and how inferior it is to a full bellied clam. It's a bit... ridiculous.

          1. re: BigFatDynamo

            I hold no strong emotions to anyone who doesn't like whole clams with belles, and I give people credit, like SASSY (not sure where your from), for trying them.
            I suggested clams with beillies because if people want to try clams native to the area to get the whole clams.
            People really shouldn't be comparing the two clams though. Local clams with bellies come from soft shell clams along the shore about 2" long, and clam strips come from a hard shell sea clam in the ocean about the size of a dinner plate, then cut into strips.

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              No offense taken. I appreciate your recommendations. By the way, I'm from Michigan.

      2. Seabrook is a nice family beach...Hampton is more of a teenager hangout.

        In Seabrook there is a great clam shack called Ceal's. Right on the main road.

          1. Closer than New Hampshire would be Ipswich/Essex. The Clam Box for great clams and lobster rolls. Essex Seafood for clams. lobsters, and steamers. Crane's Beach, one of the nicest north of Boston, is close by.

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              Essex Seafood seems to not be in the running recently.