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Apr 24, 2009 12:46 PM

Group Dinner

Every year a group of 25-30 colleagues end up in the same town towards the end of June and have a clebration type dinner on the Thursday night. This year it happens to be in Montreal. We usually do the "best steakhouse/seafood in town" deal but I've suggested to the person in charge of planning the dinner that "steak" is not what Montreal does best. Right now we have a reservation at Moishe's but from my last visit there I just don't think the atmosphere matches well with our at times boisterous group. Any suggestions that would showcase Montreal better? A good wine list is a must. Thanks

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  1. APDC!!!! If you call very, very early (like next week), I am sure they can accomodate for such a large group.

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      Thanks. Didn't know APDC took large groups.

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        For someone not from Montreal APDC isn't going to help... That stand for Aux Pied de Cochons. incase you want to look it up.
        It is also a restaurant that may not appeal to everyone. The food is very french and if you are not a fan of FOIS GRAS, or SEA FOOD or eccentric dishes like rabbit and Duck this is not for you... This place is great but definitely not to everyone's liking. But if you like seafood and blocks of Fois gras go for it.. Its just not for everyone.

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          I am sorry, Alyson777, but I stand by my APDC recommendation, especially for someone not from Montreal. It is one of the best places this city has to offer and it is quite an experience. I was also there with a large group (about 20 people) 3 years ago, so I know that they do accomodate for large groups.
          However, I do agree that if any number of people in your party, MartyQ, are vegetarian, APDC is not the place for that.
          If you're looking for more upscale French, I would go to La Montee (however, I don't know if they take big groups). Another interesting idea (very different from La Montee) would be La Brunoise.

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            Definitely no vegetarians in this group! I actually live in MTL but nobody else in this group does. I need the recs because I frequent smaller spots or eat-in when I have the privilege of being home.

      2. I think Montreal has some wonderful Greek Restaurants. For a large group of 25-35 people I would suggest going to Philinos.
        If your group does prefer steak Gibby's in Old Montreal is one of our better steak restaurants. Moishes is more of a family dinner atmosphere. I wouldn't suggest Moishe's for a group of Colleagues.

        For a large group Philinos really is a great choice. For 20-30 people on a Thursday night may even hold a private dinner for your group.They also have an extensive wine selection.

        Milos: one of the most upscale of our Greek Restaurants. Deffinately a treat! You can't go wrong with Greek in Montreal.

        Mythos on Park would be fun for a Saturday night dinner because after dinner there is music and dancing and plate smashing..

        Casa Tapas on Rachel st East is also a great place to reserve for a large group. If you like Spanish cuisine this a a fabulous choice.

        BOTTEGA on St Zotique for Italian food is a great choice. Although you do have to reserve far in advance. They specialize in PIZZA and the appetizers are t
        die for. This place is a more upscale pizza joint. They also make their own interesting Gilatos.

        Luca on Dante st in Little Italy is small but if you resevre for a large group they would set it up. This is probably one of the finer Italian restaurants in Montreal. $$$

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          Have only had fish at Milos - how are their meat options? Atmosphere there would certainly work. Like Bottega but not for this occasion. Love Luca (haven't been in a few years though) but we would need the whole place, no? Do they do that?

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            It doesn't hurt to ask Luca...I would call Luca and see if they would close for a private dinner, If you haven't been in a few years it is still a great place.

            Milos specializes in fish and Seafood but they do have very good Lamb Chops and Chicken.

            Also... If you never tried Philinos for the price and the quality of the food compared to Milos its worth it. Philinos is way less expensive.. the Atmosphere is just as nice and the lamb chops and chicken are really good. They do have fish at Philinos but I am sure there is a wider selection of Greek fish at Milos.

            You can also try La sirene on Jean Talon. They are known for their fish and seafood as well as the meat. They have a poisonnerie on site and you are able to select the fish you would like and they prepare it for you. It is also a very LARGE restaurant. They would give nice platters of fruit for dessert. The appetizers are delicious...

        2. Any opinions on how Decca77, Club CetP and Le Latini would fit the bill?

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            I've eaten at Le Latini a few times and can recommend it. Good food, but the service can be a little stiff. Nice wine cellar. Not too expensive either. My last dinner for 2 was in the $120 range with wine.

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              If you've got the budget, Club C+P would work fine - they can probably accommodate the entire group in one area. The food is always good (at least, it has been in my experience - there is at least one poster who has had a less than stellar experience there), and their wine list is impressive.

              La Montee has a wonderful wine list, but unless they have a separate dining area that I don't know about, I think they would have a very difficult time accommodating a group that large.

              APDC, if you can arrange it, would definitely be a great place - I've had a dinner there with a group of about 20, which I arranged, and it was just fine. Service can be a bit slower with a large group, but if you go with that in mind, it's fine.

            2. How boisterous is boisterous?

              Also, is money no issue?

              For a boisterous atmosphere, I would agree with the suggestion of some of the Greek places on Parc. I am also a fan of Philinos, and the wine list isn't fabuous, but there are some really great Greek wines for reasonable prices that go well with the meal. Milos is of course excellent, but it can be pretty pricy, so if money is not an issue, it could totally work.

              APDC is a great choice, and can certainly hold its own in the boisterous department.

              I don't think of Club Chasse et Peche and Le latini as boisterous places. Just my take on it.

              La Montee is great for wine, and I love the food, but I agree it might be hard for them to accommodate a really large group.

              Lemeac has a great wine list, a good selection of meat and seafood, and could definitely handle boisterous.

              Pinxtos also has great wine and food, and is a fun place for celebration. Spanish tapas, upscale but still delicious, a lot of choice for dishes.

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                Not really looking for a boisterous atmosphere, rather I know we can get loud and we don't want to be annoying to the rest of the customers. So a private area or a lay out that addresses such concerns would be better. We want to eat and drink well, preferably getting a sense of place in our plates but ultimately, this outing is about enjoying each other's company in a festive rather than subdued or reverential atmosphere. As far as budget: not interested in a QdC-like bill but otherwise not really a concern.

              2. It looks like the private room at Moishes has been booked. Can anybody share any compelling arguments why we should change? Thanks

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                  Keep it. Even though it is old school.. Moishe's still has the best steaks in town.
                  The private room is always best for a large group.. and you know the service there can't be beat.
                  Get your steak charred medium rare with spices and garlic ( My favorite is the filet mignon butterflied) with a monte carlo and you are in for a fantastic meal.
                  Also, their shrimp cocktails are great and the cookies at the end are delish.

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                    I agree with Jarschef ...I would definitely keep the private room at Moishe's. You are guaranteed a good meal. If you like Oyster Mushrooms their grilled Oyster mushroom salad as a starter is to die for. I usually follow that with filet Mignon Butterflied with 3 grilled shrimp. Also they have the best fries. Their Monte Carlo is AMAZING! this is a twice stuffed baked potato. If you are not a steak eater I go quite often to Moishes and I sometimes have the Moishe's Special Chicken or Fish. The other menu items are equally great.