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Apr 24, 2009 12:43 PM

Good Lunch Spots Near Dallas Tollway & Pres Geo Bush Turnpike

I'm not very familiar with the area around the Dallas North Tollway and President George Bush Turnpike. I'm looking for chowish places for lunch -- preferably Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, or Middle Eastern. Actually, almost anything that's not a sandwich or burger joint or chain. Thanks!

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  1. What about French crepes?

    There were a couple of threads on this place when it first opened.

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      I tried Normandie Alliance today, and it was wonderful. Thanks for the suggestion.

    2. There is reasonable Thai on Frankford & NDT on the SW corner facing NDT. The next closest thing would be West on the GB. We go to places around HMart all the time.

      1. There's a pizza place that does authentic Neopolitan pizza (apparently you have to be specially trained, it's one of the few certified in the US). It's at 635 & Beltline. A little pricey but quite good.

        In the same shopping center is a fast-food Japanese/chicken restaurant, Indian fast food, and a middle-eastern place. Haven't been to those yet.

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          The area you're talking about doesn't match the OP's post which is looking for lunch in North Dallas/Plano. Cavalli is in Irving.

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            I live near there. There's not very much at that exact intersection. The closest intersection is Frankford and the Tollway which is just south. Nothing there other than Pappadeaux's, Blue Fin, Mi Cocina and the like. But in the NE corner of that intersection next to Albertson's is Bene Bene, which I've never thought much of but some people like. If you'll go a mile or so east on PGBT from the Tollway to Preston Road, you'll find more. Lavendou (French bistro) is just south of that intersection and just north is Zorba's (Greek). A couple of blocks further south on Preston are Banana Leaf (Thai), behind it in the same shopping center is Afghan Grill and another block south is Deli News. All of these are what I consider "chowish" andn have lunch. You can search any one of them on this site. And all are within 5 minutes of PGBT and the Dallas North Tollway.

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              Your friendlt H MArt is just down the Bush on Old Denton and there are some marvelvous places in their food court. I must admit I am not the most adept at Korean (working on it!) the ladies that run the various stands in H are very friendly and are helpful to the gringo. I suppose it helped that I walked through my first time passing out those delightfully hot walnut cookies I bought up by the front door.

              1. re: DallasDude

                Ohhh, Super H Mart is my new home away from home. They have great shrimp cakes, dried yams in chili and stir fried anchovies. Yum!

        2. A couple of places I forgot to mention.

          Middle Eastern Buffet at Preston & Frankford NW Corner. It's about a 10 minute drive, I work at Midway & International and it's not an issue.

          Afghan on Preston just South of the GB on the West Side.

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            Irodguy, FYI Afghan Grill moved several months ago. It's now further south on Preston almost to Campbell. It's on the East side of Preston in the shopping center behind Banana Leaf and Texas Land & Cattle in the old Pho Delavie space.

            1. re: Clem943

              Mmmmm Banana Leaf. Good thai, cute waitress.

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                ah okay it's be a while sense I was there.