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Apr 24, 2009 12:21 PM

Miami Spice - Spring edition

It seems there are going to be more months in 2009 with a Miami Spice program than without. The GMCVB is breaking out an edition of Miami Spice for the month of May (probably to hit up tourists to come during Memorial Weekend - which has almost officially become "Get the heck outta MIA" for us locals). Props to Menupages' Blog for bringing this up. IMHO, a quick review of menus shows Michy's and Bourbon Steak definite visits.

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  1. Michy's I believe is new to the list and had not previously participated (the menu format really doesn't lend itself to the 3-course routine). As always, the Setai menu intrigues me as does the possibility of eating there without taking out a second mortgage. But they don't do it on weekends, and I'm unlikely to get there on a school night. Is Bourbon Steak "cheating" by offering a steak for a $10 "supplement"?