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Apr 24, 2009 12:19 PM

Italian in Westchester/Stamford/Greenwich?

I'm looking for a nice restaurant in in the Westchester/Stamford/Greenwich area. I'm thinking Italian would be a good bet since a number of our party are vegetarian. Any suggestions? I don't eat out very often so your help would be very much appreciated!

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  1. What kind of atmosphere and price point BandB? You mention nice, but there's casual, comfortable nice and then there's formal, special occasion nice.

    A couple quick suggestions in Southern Westchester
    Tarry Lodge in Port Chester - lots of veggie starters, pizzas, pastas and entrees. It's a bit hectic and you need a reservation but I like it a lot as do others here. Of course there are dissenters too. It's a Bastianich/Batali restaurant.

    A bit more "special" old school-ish is Emilio's in Harrison and Lusardi's in Larchmont.

    Hope this helps for a start.

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    1. re: laylag

      This does help, thank you laylag!

      I'm looking for special occasion nice. This is for my brother's graduation dinner, so even a restaurant that required men to wear jackets would be fine. :)

      1. re: BakingandBooks

        I agree with laylag about Emilio's. I also enjoy La Villetta on Madison Ave in Larchmont. I find Lusardi's is good, but I like the atompshere at the other places better. They are all upscale, just friendlier.

        1. re: pobo

          I second that, pobo, we stopped going to Lusardi due to feeling a definite chill in the atmosphere.

    2. Have you been to La Zingarra in Bethe?
      It is a wonderful Italian and very authentic - no red sauce here. Lots of veges and tables outside int the warm weather.

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        Thank you for your replies pobo, lucyis and wincountrygirl! I think we're going to try Emilios this time, but you can bet I have the other suggestions on a short list of places to try very, very soon. :)

        1. re: BakingandBooks

          Looking forward to your feedback on Emilio's. I hope you enjoy.

      2. My favorite is Polpo in Greenwich, fantastic atmosphere, service and food.

        1. the cold antipasto table at emilio's is fantastic!