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Apr 24, 2009 10:58 AM

Something (sorta) new this way comes: in beloved Las Ruinas space

I was driving down Green in Pasadena and noticed that there is a sign across the old car bay in front of the teensy-tiny building that once held my beloved Las Ruinas announcing "El Chavo Tacos Coming Soon". It also says something below that I was unable to catch when zooming by. Hmmm, could it be (hoping & praying) something as good as Las Ruinas? We shall see. There was no opening date indicated. I will try it once they open and post. Fingers crossed...

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  1. Did anything ever happen with Las Ruinas, did they resurface? Kind of like Dan from Fredo's I am wiating for him to reappear!

    1. !?
      Please keep us posted!
      I'm sure it will not be as good as Las Ruinas..........but we can hope!

      1. Okay, I drove by and the small print on the bottom of the banner says somthing like "also located on Fair Oaks and Walnut". Okay, I am very familiar with that intersection and cannot recall ever seeing a taqueria there... but then I remember that there is a taco truck in the Shell station parking lot at night (or at least there used to be). Could this be them?
        Re: Las Ruinas - unfortunately, I have not heard anything about them since all those sad posts when they closed. I am still sad about that one!

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          Yes that is the El Chavo taco truck (the best in Pasadena). I always order tostadas con al pastor and tacos con lengua. occaisionally a burrito. they have since moved a block down to the Holly/Fair Oaks parking lot. Don't know if they've opened their small concrete location yet on Green St. and Chester. When I spoke to them at the truck they said they would have the same menu but fish tacos once a week and breakfast burritos in the AM.