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Apr 24, 2009 10:43 AM

The second time it's always better...they say!

Believe it or not...i'M BACK TO NEW YORK!! Well, I'll be in a couple of weeks!
I had a great time in I've really loved every single meal!!! Your tips have been amazing, so thanks once again...
I'm definitely going back to Clinton St. Baking....their pancakes are unforgettable and so are the Waffles they do in Sarabeth's.
I had an amazing burger at Rare....there was such a massive queue at the Corner Bistro we couldn't get in!!
I went to Yasuda and Yuka...both amazing and to Caltham Sq for Dim Sum, which I liked but maybe it's just too far from our "western" tastes..
I went to Rack and Soul, for Fried Chicken, which was lovely and to so many other places I can't even remember...I had a great lobster in a place in front of the Blue Note...mmm

So, this time I'm looking to "fill the gaps"...any raccomendation? Mexican, Middle-eastern, maybe some decent Soul food...I'm coming with me mum who's a teenager at hearth but
as it's going to be her birthday on the 9th of May I'd also need a special place to take her on that night...I'm not talking about a posh one, just special.
We're staying in the financial district this time...a bit crap, I know, but it's easy to move around in Manhattan at least!
p.s. @kathryn ('s Twitter's fault..)
I'm definitely up for spending a bit more for my mum's birthday...mind you that we both like cute informal places with nice food...rather than polished, white-gloves places with weird jelly foods and dwarfish-portions!
I want to keep it medium-low key, purely because I've realized that unless you are really up for spending a lot there's not a big difference..NO ITALIAN food...obviously!

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  1. Oh and Yes, I obviosuly went to Katz. And took me 3 hours to find it though!

    1. > I'm definitely up for spending a bit more for my mum's birthday...

      It would be helpful if you could give us a price ceiling, including tax and tip, per person.

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      1. re: kathryn

        Have no clue of what the average price for a nice dinner is there...The most I've spent last time was around $20-25 (drinks not included) so I was thinking...up to $50, maybe?

      2. Middle Eastern: go to Hummus Place and get a Hummus+Ful+Masabacha combination, it's a morning food. Inexpensive, but if you eat one yourself you'll be really filled up for hours (i.e. I am not recommending that, you should split it if you are on a food trip). Get a chopped salad and some felafel alongside. (not all branches of Hummus Place have felafel, I don't think.)

        1. For breakfast, instead of the same old pancakes and waffles, try the Pain Perdu at Landmarc. It's French toast with a little booze in it, but not sliced like French toast, more like half a french boule on your plate, crispy and delicious on the outside, velvety custardy good on the inside. Get a side of bacon, it's great with maple syrup also.