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Apr 24, 2009 10:09 AM

Pine Nut Alert - they can ruin your week.

Hey there chowhounds - you need to know this:
there is a nasty variety of pine nuts on the market that may or may not be from China, Korea or Vietnam (the jury is out) but if you eat them it can cause a VERY bitter taste in your mouth after eating anything, especially anything sweet, and the problem can last for over a week - in some cases up to 3 weeks. It is truly revolting and makes eating a real drag.

If you have the problem this blog has a lot of feedback from other sufferers:

the nuts look different - they are smaller than usual.

btw the only thing that tastes normal is water.

Here's hoping you dont get caught like I did!

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  1. Thanks for this info - the AOL homepage today linked to this article:

    but it doesn't say much or reference that these are not typical pine nuts. The reports of problems with foods from, or containing products made in China just continue. Some things labeled as made elsewhere, like Japan or Korea, have been relabeled from the original Chinese source. This is even more worrisome - is there really a quality problem, or is the relabeling just a public relations move? Then too, plenty - or most - processed foods made domestically contain ingredients from China whether or not the label reveals this.

    1. I'd read about this before and was slightly sceptical. Not any more! Woke up last Weds with horrible metallicy taste in my mouth that didn't go away til probably the following Monday. I did consider other diagnoses, but as I definitely wasn't pregnant, Google suggested the pine nuts were the most likely culprit and the description of the taste I read from others was spot on. It was horrible, ruining everything, including a good glass of Sauvignon Blanc!
      Worryingly (possibly but then there doesn't seem to be a way of really discriminating between good and bad kinds) I ate them in a prepared salad from Pret a Manger. Will definitely be giving them a wide berth for the foreseeable - am enjoying having my tastebuds back!!

      1. Care to share where you bought these?

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          It says right in juniper77's post.