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Apr 24, 2009 10:06 AM

Recipe "tweets" - article in Wednesday's NYT food section

I was quite taken with this article and am surprised not to have seen it mentioned here yet. It cooncerns a woman who posts recipes for fairly complicated dishes on Twitter, reduced to the requisite 145 or whatever characters or less. The writer tried a few dishes and was favorably impressed. Of course Twitter is old news to early adapters, but this strikes me as a good use for it. No link, sorry, check the New York Times website for 4/22.

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  1. I was fascinated by that article as well. Here's the link: .

    I must say that (okay, I'm old ...) some of the directions baffled me. It took me a while to decipher some of those recipes. But pretty cool ...

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      Interestingly, the point of the article's author was that much of what he likes about her recipe tweets is the challenge of deciphering the recipes and making them work. Which is why there were several at the end with no commentary - so we the readers could get to work deciphering. The first of those, for Spiced Sables, does, however, lack baking instructions (time/temp). I'm an experienced enough cookie baker that it wouldn't faze me, but I'd fail the recipe on that point in recipe-via-Twitter context.

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        Well, if you don't want to decipher, here's a link to a glossary :)

      2. That is great - I'd been wondering for a few weeks now whether anyone was doing Twitter recipes.

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          Wrong tool, Twitter not working for me for this. Let's see, decipher a needlessly compressed and nearly incomprehensible recipe and hope that it works? OK if you have time. Lots of time.