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Apr 24, 2009 10:05 AM

Maryland Style Crab Cakes in Houston

I love the Maryland style crab cakes, lump meat crab and no breading. Can anyone suggest a place in Houston that serves good Maryland style crab cakes.

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  1. Pappas Seafood has some pretty good ones.

    1. Louisiana Foods on W. 12th has good crab cakes, but they're not served there except maybe once a week, and it's takeout only. You can call a day ahead and they'll have some excellent fresh ones you can cook at home. They have some great creole sauce also, I get it without shrimp and add my own shrimp, or some of the lovely oysters they sell by the pound. Hours are limited, 10-3, M-F.

      1. Pappa's or McCormick & Shmick's.

        1. Tommy's has great seafood and wonderful crabcakes. There is one on Westheimer and one in Clear Lake

          1. I've tried Maryland style crab cases in Annapolis yrs ago.. To be honest,, they were unremarkable to me...
            Try the crab cakes at Mo Mong Vietnamese restaurant on Westheimer. For me,, they are some of the best to be found in town, or anywhere..