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sushi kaji - which price point?

hi all,

I will going for my first time next weekend and was wondering if anyone has been there more than once to have the $80, $100 and $120 menu.

a) How much food do you get at $80 or $100
b) it is worth upgrading to the $100? let alone the $120?


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  1. I have had all three, and each one is a step up that is worth the money (to me). All of them satisfied my hunger, with the most expensive menu bordering on being too much food (for me). Cost isn't much of an option for me, so I just order it based on how hungry I am!

    Also note that he has been known to serve truncated menus on nights during the middle of the week when they aren't busy, so if the price is scary, you could see if they'll let you do that.

    1. I've always enjoyed the food at Kaji so I always order the $120; I don't want to miss anything. I concede it's too much food (not even bordering for my belly). Usually the S.O. gets the $80 meal to compensate since she cannot eat a lot. We end up splitting the additional meals and still walk away totally stuffed. One time we felt so bad about wasting we ate the fish and not the rice from the sushi - Kaji gave us a very strange look but we explained we were really full.

      1. The $120 is also too much food for me. I feel like I waste the nigiri sushi as they are the last course and it is hard to finish it.

        1. When I went, my partner ordered the $120 and I had the $100, that way we got different dishes for some of the courses. It seemed like we got about the same food; both of us thought it was high value, perhaps his ingredients were worth more in the end. It was a LOT of food. I would still order the same thing again, but I didn't need to eat agian for like two years.

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            I took my SO for his birthday a few years ago. We ordered the $120 meals and were uncomfortably stuffed. We could have stopped 2 courses before the end. I wish it were possible to leave off the dessert course, as well as anything deep fried. I'd still be willing to pay $120 if I could have a meal that was mostly sushi and sashimi-based. In fact, I'd be in hog heaven!

          2. I must have a monster appetite or something. I've had the $120 twice and it was nowhere near too much food for me. Don't get me wrong, it was totally worth the money.

            Then again I am an athlete but still, I could probably eat two of his $120 dinners.

            For the record I'm about 5'9 and 170 lbs (but everyone thinks I'm about 140).

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              I'm with you on this one. I had the $120 and was comfortably full. FYI, I'm 5'4 and under 110lbs, but I have a voracious appetite ;)

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                I've had the $120 twice as well, and I walked out feeling satisfied, but not full. My GF went with me once and she finished the $120 meal without feeling too full either, she is around 5'4 @ 100lbs... you guys have such small appeties, just call me next time you cant finish it and ill come polish it off.

            2. I went there last month with two friends. One friend (who eats like a LOT), had the $120 and said he could go for another dinner, even though he thought the food was totally worth it for the price. My other friend and I got them to make a special arrangement for us. We wanted to share the $120, but since there's no sharing allowed, we asked if we could pay $80 each and share the $120. We wanted to try as many things as possible, but 9 courses was way too much. Kaji agreed and in addition to that offered to double some of the courses. We each had our own appetizers, sushi courses, and dessert, and shared the sashimi course and main courses. We were both stuffed, and really impressed with Kaji's willingness to accommodate our sharing preference.

              I would definitely return and try to do the sharing thing again, but if they won't allow that, I would probably get the $80 option. The sushi and sashimi courses seemed to be the same for all of the price points, and for me those courses were the definite standouts, although cooked courses were excellent too!

              1. My experience is that the amount of food was greater 3 yrs ago than it is now. I was uncomfortably full 3 yrs ago, and was just full when I went in December.

                The nigiri course was the most obvious. I received 9 pieces back then, this time it was only 5 pieces.

                Both occasions I had the $100.

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                  we got 10 pieces of nigiri....that was the $120 menu, but the people beside us had a different one (80 or 100, not sure) and they had the same nigiri course as us.
                  Maybe it depends on the menu, they change it every month.

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                    It does depend; I've had different quantities of nigiri from one week to the next.

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                      ok, that I can understand, but overall there was still less food now than compared to a few years ago.

                      Another example would be scallop nigiri, it was included only in the $120 on my recent night. Whereas it was available in the $100 menu the first time I went.

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                        Yes. Prices have gone up and quantity has gone down in general. It's still a lot of food though. I've had scallop on the $80 course.

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                          Don't get me wrong, I still think it's well worth the money, there is plenty of food.

                          The point being, there used to be even more.

                  2. It's not everyday one goes to Kaji and our little group didn't want to miss anything so 2 ordered the $100. and 2 of us ordered the $120 totally different courses so we all got to try a little of everything. We were all nicely full. I remember the first time we went to Kaji and ordered the most expensive meal $95 at the time we were all so full we couldn't finish our last few courses for fear of bursting.

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                      wow...thanks for all the reviews....I think we'll have to just wing it and see how hungry we are when we get there. I like the idea of having 2 different price points just to see what the difference is. I'll keep reading everyone's reviews...but thanks for the help.

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                        I usually go to Kaji 3 -4 times/year. I always sit at the sushi counter & noticed that since last year, the sushi & sashimi are the same for $80, 100 & 120. Only the cooked dishes are different.