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Apr 24, 2009 09:18 AM

Pork Belly Recipe

Picked up a gorgeous slab of Pork Belly over the weekend from The Fatted Calf at Oxbow Market in Napa. I want to do something special with it and was thinking about braising it today, letting it rest, and then crisping it up tomorrow night... Does anyone have any suggestions or recipes/ideas?


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  1. If you want a chinese style one, braising it in mostly beefstock with a little soy sauce(dark if you have it), a 1/4 cup of vinegar (red or black if you have them :), a sliced up whole orange, peel and all, about 2-3 star anise pods, a stick of cinnamon.

    But mostly beef stock, the other flavors give it a wonderful aroma and it's just right sliced in thick strips over rice, with some sauteed vegies (garlic/oyster sauce is nice) on the side. Maybe a couple nice beers to go with it.

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      How long do you braise it? You certainly have my attention. And, if you would be so kind, the weight of the piece of pork belly?

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        I know this is late, but I can't find an answer?

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          I googled braised pork belly recipe and the first leadoff link was an asian recipe from Emer Lagasse that did not look too difficult.

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            I'm not a huge fan of it braised, as I don't enjoy the mouthfeel of that much fat in liquid. However, slow-roasting it as in the recipe below is wonderful -- as long as you keep the portion SMALL, as in no more than three ounces per serving.


      2. You can also cure it and make bacon.

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          Yes, thought about that.. but I think I'd like to go with a braising method. Thanks!

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            I did this Jean Georges recipe a few months ago - easy and delicious!

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              Botch's method is similar to what we make at home. I recommend marinating it in some rice wine, ginger slices, soy/hoisin and five spice powder overnight. Next day, blot the cracking side. Sear in oil or broil until the skin is carmelized and slightly crusty. This is develop superb flavor to the final product and render some of the oiliness (cuts to grease and tendency to feel grossed out).

              braise in stock like recommended by Botch. YUM. sounds like the dish i'm having tomorrow! =)

          2. If it isn't too fat, Vietnamese Clay Pot Pork can be delish.

            1. Inspired by a CH posting on Momofuku's Pork Belly Buns, we made the recipe sans the buns. My attempt to make bao was unsuccessful, so we ate it on rice. We devoured the pork belly in no time.

              1. Pork belly is something I usually slow roast. Sometimes tied into a joint (which is how it comes from the butcher). Sometimes I open out and roast flat - when it's nearly done I rub hoisin sauce into the flesh (not the crackling)

                It makes great rillettes - debone if necessary, cut into cubes; cook it in a low oven with some garlic, thyme. Shred it up when it's very well cooked and pack into your containers; top with a layer of the fat.