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Apr 24, 2009 08:40 AM

Best KOSHER in Jerusalem?


Going to Jerusalem for three week and I am noticing that alot of the recommended places aren't kosher. I'd love to hear about your favorite places (hole-in-the-wall, sit-down, food store, whatever) that are kosher (no rabbanut please).


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  1. Well, then you are in a bit of trouble because in order to be certified as kosher a restaurant needs to have a certificate from the Rabbanut. Of course, there is also the mehadrin level of certification from the Rabbanut, as well as certification from other organizations.

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      But to answer your question, I have some favorites. All are kosher. I'm a poor resident of Jerusalem so in the rare times I do go out I tend to head to cheap places.

      - Hummus Talpiot is a humussiya on Yad Harutzim in Talpiot Industrial zone.
      - There are several steakiyot (meat on skewer place) in this area as well, I like Tzidkiyahu the best. At around 6:00 PM the area smells like one big barbeque.
      - I know I will get stoned for saying this, but I really like the HaShamen shawarma chain for shawarma (Malcha mall, Shlomtzion St., HaTenufah, Bek-Zakkai, etc).
      - Marzipan by the shuk for ruggelach.
      - Burekas Ima on Rivkah St. for burekas
      - Random restaurants (Mordoch, Hatzot, Rachmo) also by the shuk for anti-ashkenazi food.
      - Aldo ice cream (Emek Refaim, Ben-Yehuda, Jaffa) for their Solero milkshakes.
      - Japanica on Shlomtzion for Japanese
      - Babette on Shamai for dessert waffles
      - Waffle Bar on Shlomtzion or Derech Beit Lechem if you like your waffle a bit fancier.
      - Falafel Oved on Derech Beit Lechem

    2. You might also try posting this request to the kosher section of chowhound -

      1. Possibly the reason for so many nonkosher recommendations in Jerusalem is that they're far less common.

        The Marakiah (I always spell the English name of the place wrong, it's a great soup place)
        Azure (in the shuk, it's an amazing combination of Sephardi and Ashkenazi food made with fresh food from the shuk, in the Iraqi Market section)
        I'd also like to second Babbet and Waffle Bar, excellent places.

        Also, I've never eaten at the Tico House - but for finer dining dairy, I've heard it's amazing.

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          I had lunch there (Tico House) about a year ago and found it disappointing.

        2. It's an old post but chowhounds still might want to know about these-all Mehadrin
          Best Schwarma: Massov near the Central Bus Station
          Best Grill: Grill Bar in the Ben Yehuda area -sephardi hecsher
          Best Dairy: Cafe Rimon at Mamilla
          Also try RYU in Emek (steak, sushi, asian) and Village Green (vegie healthy)